September 24, 2010

Tee-shirts for the Scotts!

This past January (yes, that long ago)...I was shopping at Kohl's and saw this blue embellished tee shirt that would be just awesome for a friend of ours, ....and it was on clearance during the winter! I was really looking for long-sleeved shirts for my husband, but you know once in awhile you have to get something NOT on your original list : )! So home it came with me...and sat...and sat...

My very special and wonderful friend, Gina, needed a surprise gifted tee shirt from me as as her husband, Brian's shirt sat around, I was in designing phases over hers. She grew up in a town called Paris, and she also happens to have a love of Paris, it was not a second thought as to how I'd make her tee shirt! I started with the above freehand stencil, drawn on the matte side of freezer paper. Then I cut it out carefully with an exacto knife. I usually place the freezer paper over a self -healing mat before I start cutting. Obviously, by my above design, I went a little overboard in the details and embellishments. This stencil type does not lend itself well to small designs. This design, scanned onto transfer paper, would have worked more effectively.

I decided to cut out a lot of detail and simplify my design. I only cut out the eiffel tower and
P-A-R-I-S wording. Then I ironed it onto her tee-shirt (or bag...or onesie....). I bought hers at Hobby Lobby, but you can get a good selection at JoAnn Fabrics and Michaels Arts & Crafts too.
Then you can use fabric paint to paint inside your stenciled design. I use Pebeo fabric paint. I peel the freezer paper off the tee-shirt and then let it dry for 24 hours. I iron heat-set the design...and here's how they came out:
Tee-shirts for the Scotts. Thank goodness I got them mailed in August...just at the last of summer. Horray : )

So.....for Gina....

...and for Brian! Glad you guys are enjoying them! We love you and miss you both!

September 9, 2010

Cute changes : )!

Aww!!! right? Steven and I couldn't resist these little guys from Ikea for 49 cents each!
And so I took this parade of little animals.... and turned it into this.....
mobile for our baby Nathan to come!!! They attach with velcro so if he shows interest in them, we can pull one off and let him play with it. The rest is made of white ribbon and twill tape.

One of these: I got at a garage sale for $2.00. had this ugly, super tacky fabric.....yuck!.....
And so...over a few turned into this:

The printed fabric is from Ikea and the back side I covered in red velour. All washable and quickly removeable!

August 27, 2010

5 cute stenciled onesies!

This last Wednesay I turned 31 years old. To celebrate that day, my wonderful husband took me to Ikea West Chester, where we spent a good part of the day walking around, looking at all the rooms, and dreaming about our future home. We brought home A TON of cute things (and yes, a lot for our coming baby)! The birthday was good, the shopping even better : )!

Last night I was inspired to paint some cute animals on a package of plain white onesies I had in my stash. Everyone tells me that onesies are so practical and needed for a new baby, so I'm glad I had them. However, I thought they needed a little extra special touch! So with my pebeo fabric paint, and some freezer I went.....and here's what came about! :

and the reverse side of that last one: cute! Now I need to do another package of 5 in a larger size : )!

August 13, 2010

Modern Spice Rack

I finally brought this project together this week, and am very pleased with it. Steven and I had bought the spice containers at Meijers and Jo Ann Fabrics back in March and we have now put them to good use. The frame was $2.00 at a Goodwill outlet store, and I replaced the glass with a piece of sheet metal (available at Lowe's and Ace Hardware) that Steven cut down for me. We attached small, strong magnets to the bottom of each canister with JB Weld glue, and drew on the sheet metal with a dry erase marker.
The modern spice rack now is proudly displayed above our Ikea dish rack! I love it! Do you notice the garlic salt, marjoram leaf, and "Air, seasoned with Love" (Steven made this one : ) was left empty, but it now is filled with a little sugar! I just love him!

August 7, 2010

Homemade Shower Puff

To be absolutely honest, my husband and I have spent the majority of this year so far conserving everything we have, pinching more than just pennies, and always on the lookout for the next way we can save! A lot of the frugality has come from necessity, but we are finding that we enjoy it for the most part (though I do admit to missing our date night's at Starbucks : ) )....

A few weeks ago I was getting pretty fed up with trying to reassemble (again) my puffy bath sponge in the shower. These just don't last forever with daily use. I found myself, loosening the string and trying to just tuck the overflown tulle back into the crimper...I get excited at first, but then it just falls apart again, and again. Well, I don't really want to repeatedly invest in these things (though they're often $1-$2), so I started looking for a different solution. And here's what I found:

I am only a moderate crocheter, but this pattern was sooooo easy and I liked the way it turned out....just the right size and shape to it. Here is the blog I saw it at: Just Make It: Handmade by Annabelle. I used the acrylic yarn I already had, but it turned out much too scratchy to use in the bath. So, while I like it, this one's going to be used as a bathroom scrubber/cleaner, and another one will be made with the CORRECT yarn: Lion Brand, 50%cotton/50% acrylic. But, I do love it, AND I found out another way to save money....and well, that makes me happy.

August 1, 2010

New Baby = New Cute Stuff!

Here I am with my friend, Johanna, at her recent baby shower. She is soon to have her 3rd baby boy and I was so excited to make her some cute-as-can-be baby stuff that I dreamed up. All babies deserve to have "special" stuff made just for them, no matter what # of baby you happen to be! So, here's what she wanted and what I came up with: Johanna wanted a nursing shawl to show all modesty when needing to feed her baby outside of the home. I had seen one before a long time ago, but designed my own version in my art journal and then went to work with what I had. I like my version. (I look forward to making one for myself as well) What do you think? I made it have a removeable plastic tube in the top casing to allow the top to fan out and see the baby in full view while allowing for full privacy. I also lined the front piece and made it all 100% machine washable. Hope you find it useful, Johanna!
And then, my last step is that I placed a clasp (repurposed from a backpack) onto the back fabric strap, so that the shawl could be easily adjusted:
And then, every baby needs their own........blanket, right? Johanna said the nursery was decorated in baby pastels of blue, green and yellow, and so here's what came about.......

I cut out a ton of squares (maybe 5"x5") out of cute baby-boy-to-be fabric I had, and layed them out in a design I liked. (I used the extra squares I had to make baby blocks for our baby)....then...started sewing: I sewed each row of sqaures together and then row to row. Now I'm ready for the backing:
And here is how it looked sewn together. I tacked each corner (not shown) of each square with a small piece of yarn to hold the blanket in place to the backing. I hope you love you new baby stuff, Johanna! We are so excited for your 3rd precious one to come along! (And yes, I ironed the blanket before attaching it to the backing...hee, hee)... And, just in case you didn't hear the news yet... I am pregnant too! Here is my first 3 month picture...This baby will be our first to come...

And what do I have planned so far to sew for our little one? Well, here's my list (so far):
  1. sleeper bag
  2. 4 hats - out of knit/jersey fabric
  3. 1-2 pr booties
  4. blanket
  5. 24 cloth diapers (still deciding which pattern to use...any ideas of your favs?)
  6. swaddler wraps x2
  7. boppie with removeable/washable cover
  8. 2 giraffee rattles
  9. sock animals (done...1 bunny made 7.26.10)
  10. winter zippered outfit with hat/mittens
  11. bibs x? (how many do I need)
  12. tag blankie
  13. crib bumper
  14. burp clothes (umm...maybe 4-6?)
  15. diaper bag
  16. diaper changing mat
  17. wet bags x2
  18. fabric baby blocks (done 7.26.10)
  19. 2 receiving blankets
  20. car seat cover
  21. nursing shawl (like the one I made above)

So, Can I do it? Do I need to have all of this? I know I can make it all for sooooo cheap... Any advice, anyone? 6 months to go.. (well, I think)

July 10, 2010

"Trading" Skills

Last week, I saw the absolute cutest necklace on my friend, Bethany, at work! I asked her, "Where did you get that?" ...and she said, "well, I made it." I decided right then that I really wanted one for myself...and so we came up with a quick solution to "trade" skills. Though she knows how to sew as well, I came up with the idea to make and give her a wristlet wallet in exchange for the necklace. She loved the idea, and we made the exchange today! I am lovin' my new jewelry set and she loved her new handmade wristlet. How fun! And this is what it looked like inside... I lined it with an accent blue color that was plush. Now Bethany will have the necessities she needs to carry right on her, lipstick/chapstick, a pen, and car keys.... I just made up a pattern from a design in my head and used supplies I already had. I've seen this idea on Sutton Grace's blog before, and now was the time to make my own...well, to give away. And was pleased with the results. What do you think?
Here is the fabulous buttoned necklace (and bracelet --next) that I traded for! Thank you, Bethany! I love my new set!!! You are so creative!!!! Thank you for sharing your craft skill with me!!! My nw necklace will go with sooooo much that I have! Super excited! And this is what my wonderful new matching bracelet looks like: I just love them both!!! Trading skills was so awesome! Anyone else out there want to trade with me?

July 7, 2010

Congratulations Cousin III & IV...finally!

To all of my faithful readers out there.... I apologize for the delay in my new posting.....But, my wonderful hubbs and I have been very busy lately....we were making a baby (as a surprise to us)....Our first baby in fact... So, more mommy stuff later, but for now....on with the crafts! We have so much to show you that we've been working on!

This is my cousin, Katie. She got to wear this beautiful dress in her sister's wedding. I was so honored to get to do the alterations to make her dress fit. (You know the bridal stores always order them in too large)..... Katie is very thin, so I took in the sides of the dress along the bodice, moved the halter straps 2" in on each side, and hemmed the gown about 1 1/2". It came out great and she looked beautiful in it!
Closer look. Very pretty design by Alfred Angelo, in eggplant:

This is what Lisa's ring-bearer pillow looked like origionally:

This is what the pillow looked like after adding a simple splash of Lisa's eggplant wedding accent color: I had such a great time doing all of these alterations, crafts, and sewing projects for the wedding! How fantastic! I am so happy for you Lisa, and I hope you and Aaron have a great life together! Look forward to seeing you at the next family gathering!

June 23, 2010

Congratulations Cousin! Part II of IV

Along with a wedding, you can hardly go through all the planning without needing some kind of alterations in the bridal outfits.... My cousin, Lisa, got married 2 weeks ago and I was priviledged to be asked by her sister (my cousin too), Katie, to alter the flowergirl's outfit. I was excited!
Katie and her mom, Peggy, found this very precious Cinderella dress at Macy's. It was adorable and fit Shelby well, but, it needed a hit of the bridal color, eggplant, in it. I was all too happy to fix it up for her!
Katie had a friend donate an older bridemaid's outfit in the same eggplant color that I could use for fabric. This worked out beautifully!
First, I took off the beautiful white rosettes along the waistband (they were sewn and GLUED on. Argh). Then, I took off the white, back satin ties. I used these ties as a pattern for my new, eggplant-colored satin belt.
I actually made the belt in three sections, graduating the belt width from about 4"wide in front to 2" wide in back. I attached the new belt at each side and at several points in front.

Alternate view.

And the back. It looked so cute on Shelby for the big day! See my sister's blog, Tune My Heart, for a few pictures from the wedding!
Thank you, Katie, for allowing me to do this for Shelby! She looked so fantastic and I had such a great time doing it!

June 20, 2010

Congratulations Cousin! PART #1....

My cousin, Lisa, got married a little over a week ago and I was so exited to make her and Aaron something special for their new home! Lisa's kitchen was themed in green and white and so with some special touches, I made her a gift to match:

Here's what it looked like opened.....Do you see a theme emerging?
Here is what is enclosed:

4 home-made linen/poly napkins for a special night's dinner with friends.

A homemade potholder that matches her plates and kitchen theme. (I made the flower/leaf stencil before her bridal shower her exact floral pattern)... I knew I'd need that stencil to make special details later for her wedding gifts! Potholder design from this book...

Back view of the potholder.

And a homemade oven mitt with stenciled design. (I used Pebeo fabric paint to stencil the design on and then heat-set it on. The inside of the mitt is the green floral cotton fabric). Oven mitt pattern from this book....

Back view of the oven mitt.

And the rest of the wedding basket contained 2 dish cloths and one delicious smelling soy candle to accent her kitchen decor!

Steven and I are so excited for you and Aaron! We hope you have a great honeymoon, and can't wait to see pictures when you get back! Congratulations!!!!


Cousin Joy (& Steven)
**PS...If you want to see the homemade grocery bags she got for her bridal shower click here : )!