February 28, 2010

Joy's "BEST OF" pics...

Today my husband and I attended our local Home and Garden Show. We had a great time and were very thankful for the free tickets (Thanks, Pete!). They had everything there from outdoor living areas, to cooking, furnaces, basement dry, sun rooms, spas, and lots more. Hope you enjoy looking at my "BEST OF SHOW" pics! Enjoy!
These two photos, of this incredibly beautiful cascade fountain of flowers, were done by Bob Hurt of Earth, Wood, & Flowers. He also had a large outdoor wooden train display. Definitely my fave. Perhaps I will try building my own cascade this summer! Does anyone have and old fountains to get rid of? : )

These next set of pics definitely "go green" for the community. They are produced by Scarff's. Here we learned about Green Roofs, Green Walls, and growing vertically. Check out their site to see more! My fave of theirs was the homemade tic, tack, toe board with ribbon, upholstery tacks, and branches. Cool!

My last "Best of" was from Tony Carpenter of Beyond The Greenhouse. His outdoor living spaces were breathtaking. I felt like I could just move right in! Couldn't you? There's a kitchen, bar and grille, with wrapped counter, sun shade(not pictured), and fountain area. I could have stayed here for hours...

February 27, 2010

Corner Charm

Do you have a corner in YOUR house that adds a lot of charm? I just put this up inside our entry. I love it. Our surname monogram looks so modern against this fanciful bird background. It's now so inviting, not just a place for the keys... Upload your "corner charm" under the comments section below this post! I'd love to see it!
I used spray adhesive to keep the fabric piece on a piece of 81/2 x 11 paper. Then, I printed out the "H" off of MS Word in a font I liked and cut it out. I again used the spray adhesive to mount it to the fabric, and there you go. Super easy...like 10min! ..oh, and of course, $free!!! Yea!

I picked the key holder up this week from Ikea for just 1.99. It's simple, but modern. I love it!
And a ton of thanks, Amy, for the inspirational fabric from Hobby Lobby! I just love it!!!

February 25, 2010

Window Dressing

This is my "Before" living room. Paint will come very soon, but my first priority was to dress the window. It just looks so lonely!
I had these ikea curtains already from our last place, but they were about a little more than a foot too short in length. I wanted to hang the curtains from near the ceiling to bring more warmth to the room, and match the other curtains I have up. I first added a panel to the bottom that gave me the extra length I needed, sewing it to the bottom hem of each brown panel.

I then turned under all the edges of the additional length piece and sewed them down. I used brown thread to add an interesting contrast to the bottom addition.
Where the bottom panel was sewn on, I pinned the under seam down and top stitched 2 rows on top of each of the panels.

I was inspired by this idea from Lotta Jansdotter, as I often am, and decided to make my own stencil. I copied the above design from a piece of curtain panel I had leftover.

I finished cutting my stencil (with a sharp exacto knife), and taped it down to go over my existing curtain and added panel. I wanted the added panel to appear that it has always belonged there. I used Pebeo fabric paint in Cardinal Red to stamp in the image. I repeated this stencil 4x on each panel.

This is a close up of what each stencil looked like completed. With the Pebeo paint(for fabric), the company recommends that you wait 24 hours after painting your design, to iron the front and back of the fabric where the design appears. After this, the design will be color-fast and the fabric and stencil completely washable.

Ah, a very happy window at last!

February 22, 2010

Sweet Angel Baby!

This is my sister's sweet angel baby, Lilly, and of course my absolutely adorable niece! For her birthday last week, I made her this outfit I designed and patterned myself. Please pardon the blue bloomers in the pix : )!
Here is Lilly holding her baby doll in matching outfit (made and designed that too). She squealed so loud when she opened her present! That brought me such joy! Thanks, Angel Baby! I'll remember that forever!

Here's what it looked like before she tried it on. I was super excited the pants fit, since I designed a pattern from scratch. Whew, it worked!

And here is the matching doll set. I made the back of the doll's shirt so that she could get it on and off easily. Happy Birthday, Lilly!

February 21, 2010

Fanciful Pots and Numbers:

These pots are featured on my blog, It's a Party. This one by far is my favorite. I sprayed it creme with spray paint. Then I put my thumb in black acrylic paint and made black "thumb prints" all over the vase, and the antennas. I painted the rim black while it dried. When the thumb prints were dry, I painted wings on each ladybug with red acrylic. Red dots then decorated over the black rim. To finish it off, small tiny white dots flickered their ladybug wings. Glitter paint would also look very nice!

This pot was sprayed creme as well and let to dry. I cut triangles out of leftover scrapbook paper I had and glued them on the side with Elmer's glue. Then I painted the rim red and it was ready to go!

The final look:

I had to leave one black as my nephew requested. Plus, it can be reused after the party immediately.... the green legos add a nice pop of color against the black.

Again, I used the leftover scrapbook paper to make a band across the top of this one. I pieced this one together as I only had small scraps left after cutting out the numbers.

To do the numbers I first printed out several samples of font I liked using MS Word. I chose the one I liked best and drew the whimsical number on 1/2 sheet of scrapbook paper and cut it out with an exacto knife on a self-healing mat (available at most craft stores). Then, I laid the number on 1"thick styrofoam (my husband has it around for his model planes), and traced around it with a pen.

Then, I cut out the styofoam with the exacto knife. It really helps if your knife is freshly sharpened, or new. I relayed the number on the styrofoam to make sure it fit well.

At this point on the number "8's" I spray painted them, and it shrunk the styrofoam about 1/2". I now know this. So, instead on the "2's", I just spread a think layer of glue on surface and applied the scrapbook piece. The smoother and thinner the glue, the less wrinkles you'll get.

I wedged tighly-placed additional styrofoam in each pot, and inserted 3 bamboo skewers to extend from pot to number. The "2's" are shorter because I had cut the skewers first. And that's it! This is what your end product will be like:

It's a PARTY!!!

Setting the stage is a critical part of having a party..of any kind, and my sister, Amy knows how to do it just right. I've been to a lot of parties at her house and she always makes each one special by adding her creative touch! This party, a shared-birthday, was no exception! I was honored (since I'm back in town) that she let me help out with some of the crafts...

This is a cool chalk-board Amy wrote on, on the wall. An extra special touch, I think! (And she had made this frame/chalkboard herself)!

Now for who we are celebrating... Well, someone is turning "8", and someone is turning, "2"! Amy had a great idea to make these potted numbers. LOVE them! She gave me the pots, some spray paint, scrapbook paper, bamboo skewers and I just went nuts! We did do a combo theme too of red and black. Peter (8) wanted just "black", and Lilly (2) wanted ladybugs, so here's where we took that...

A closer look at the whimsical numbers! Of course I naturally thought of using some Legos as the grass for the number flowers! What else would I use? I enjoyed decorating the pots to match as well.. Perhaps I got a little carried away! I also loved the table accent Amy did with the black table cloth and red ribbon down the middle. Very classy and a perfect blending of a boy/girl party.

The fireplace is super cute, but we needed to make a simple tissue paper garland (see tutorial soon) just to jazz it up a bit for the party... All of the tissue pom-poms are attached to a string (even though you can't see it.) I used yarn, but using fishing line would make them look like they are floating! How cool would that be?

And another happy "black" tissue paper garland to adorn the window and the happy birthday bidding. I'm in love with how Amy hung the birthday banner as well! Awesome! You can't tell on the photo, but the sun shone in behind it so beautifully!

Because I know you are in love already with these designs of Amy's, check out her blog at Tune My Heart! She's the one that inspired me to do my own blog in the first place, and she never ceases to inspire me creatively, or as a mother!

February 20, 2010

Busy week...

What a busy week..but I LOVED it! Why?.... because I stayed home with my husband and got to do crafts all week! I so much enjoy making things special for others and with some family birthdays coming up...well, more time for crafting!!!

This is my workstation. I craft here, sew here, paint here...well, everything. It doesn't normally have legos spread all out, but I pushed my sewing aside for awhile to enjoy some aunt/nephew bonding time playing with legos! Thanks, Peter! Keep building and designing!!!

Also spent some quality time outside shoveling my car out (again). That's my weekly exercise now!

This wall in my kitchen was driving me crazy. I woke up one morning, and thought, "This needs done right now!" Do you ever feel like that too? Well, while still covered with plastic and painted with primer now, I stepped back, and breathed a sigh of relief. Amazing how I'm at "home" with only primer (well, for now anyways)!

Hmm...guess that wasn't quite enough. While the first coat of primer dried on the wall, I primed the back door as well (in the same room). I eventually will put a white gloss on the door trim....

Took a night off and got to attend my niece's 2nd birthday dinner! She was so excited!!!

And I made another purse! See my blog on BAGS of JOY. This is my first custom order. Thanks, Aunt Martha!!!

And, since I found some fabri-tac in my craft drawer I finished my Winter gear set. Back in Decemeber I had bought a fleece throw from Ikea for $2.50, and made my Dad an Ohio State Blanket. I had a bunch left-over so this week, I made.....

- a scarf (my design- w/ magnetic snap closure in front),

- an ear warmer headband (pattern taken off one of a friend, thanks Maria!)

- and a pair of mittens (Simplicity 4316), view E,H

The felt I had in my stash as well, cut out this simple design and fabri-tac-ed it on!

Time for gift making... My niece, who just turned the big "2" wanted some doll clothes for her beloved baby doll. I was excited for the challenge! I made the two outfits below. When she opened them today she squealled with delight and insisted on having them put on her doll right away!

Oh, and the clothes were free too... had the fabric already, and I designed a pattern that (I saved) will make perfit-fit clothing. Now if she wants more clothes for the doll, it will be easier to whip up something else!

Aww...what's cuter than baby doll clothes? It's a child who's clothes match that of her baby doll! What else? So, I had more fabric, thankfully! I borrowed a 2T dress from my sister and made a shirt and pant pattern from it to make my own matching 2T clothes set. What do you think? Aww....so cute!!!

Now for a gift for my wonderful and most creative nephew who loves LEGO's! I think he takes after me : )! My husband did most of the work on this one, but I did do a little painting on it at the end to customize it. We made him a LEGO carrier! How fun! We took a low priced, new toolbox, and made into a giant Lego! How awesome is that, and pretty easy!!!

And here are some cards my husband and I worked on for the kids together! He is a master craftsman at MANY things, but he's especially great at papercraft. He made the pop-up cards and I helped decorate them... They were a hit...For more, and to see inside them, look at my Blog, "It's a Party".