February 13, 2010

Wall Plaques

Back in August 2009, I visited home from Orlando. My sister, niece and myself took a special trip to Hobby Lobby (as we like to do) and we fell in LOVE with these wall hooks! My sister encouraged me to make them on my own to save money, so here was my attempt. What I DID buy at HL that day was 3 unique knobs, 3 wooden plaques (each of which were under .99), and 3 pieces of clearance scrapbook paper.

I layed the plaques out on cardboard in my yard (back in Florida), and sprayed them with a Satin Valspar spraypaint in creme (from Lowes) for around $2.50/can.

I left them outside to dry for at least an hour and...
Then, they looked like this....

Then, (I missed some pics of the steps, but..) Then I applied scrapbook paper to the front of each one with a light coat of Elmer's glue (not thick or else it will show bubbles). After the paper dried, I sprayed each with a clear varnish (which I already had), then had my husband cut holes in them and attach the knobs from HL. I like them VERY much! And I did save a lot of money!

** You could also use old postcards, wrapping paper, hymn pages, or newspaper to cover your specialized plaques.

** You could even cut alphabet letters out of scrapbook paper, placing a letter on each plaque, add a small hook at the bottom and hang them up for each child, or to spell out the word "B-A-T-H". Sounds like a new project for me!!! Happy crafting!

A little closer look at each one:

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  1. Love the new blog look. Your pics from the home and garden show were inspiring as well. I am off to get some things today to finish up my mirror that you gave me. I am so glad that you did. It is a beautiful piece for my cottage look in our den and is a wonderful reminder of such a loving friend. Thanks so much for all you teach me. Love you, Cheryl