February 20, 2010

Busy week...

What a busy week..but I LOVED it! Why?.... because I stayed home with my husband and got to do crafts all week! I so much enjoy making things special for others and with some family birthdays coming up...well, more time for crafting!!!

This is my workstation. I craft here, sew here, paint here...well, everything. It doesn't normally have legos spread all out, but I pushed my sewing aside for awhile to enjoy some aunt/nephew bonding time playing with legos! Thanks, Peter! Keep building and designing!!!

Also spent some quality time outside shoveling my car out (again). That's my weekly exercise now!

This wall in my kitchen was driving me crazy. I woke up one morning, and thought, "This needs done right now!" Do you ever feel like that too? Well, while still covered with plastic and painted with primer now, I stepped back, and breathed a sigh of relief. Amazing how I'm at "home" with only primer (well, for now anyways)!

Hmm...guess that wasn't quite enough. While the first coat of primer dried on the wall, I primed the back door as well (in the same room). I eventually will put a white gloss on the door trim....

Took a night off and got to attend my niece's 2nd birthday dinner! She was so excited!!!

And I made another purse! See my blog on BAGS of JOY. This is my first custom order. Thanks, Aunt Martha!!!

And, since I found some fabri-tac in my craft drawer I finished my Winter gear set. Back in Decemeber I had bought a fleece throw from Ikea for $2.50, and made my Dad an Ohio State Blanket. I had a bunch left-over so this week, I made.....

- a scarf (my design- w/ magnetic snap closure in front),

- an ear warmer headband (pattern taken off one of a friend, thanks Maria!)

- and a pair of mittens (Simplicity 4316), view E,H

The felt I had in my stash as well, cut out this simple design and fabri-tac-ed it on!

Time for gift making... My niece, who just turned the big "2" wanted some doll clothes for her beloved baby doll. I was excited for the challenge! I made the two outfits below. When she opened them today she squealled with delight and insisted on having them put on her doll right away!

Oh, and the clothes were free too... had the fabric already, and I designed a pattern that (I saved) will make perfit-fit clothing. Now if she wants more clothes for the doll, it will be easier to whip up something else!

Aww...what's cuter than baby doll clothes? It's a child who's clothes match that of her baby doll! What else? So, I had more fabric, thankfully! I borrowed a 2T dress from my sister and made a shirt and pant pattern from it to make my own matching 2T clothes set. What do you think? Aww....so cute!!!

Now for a gift for my wonderful and most creative nephew who loves LEGO's! I think he takes after me : )! My husband did most of the work on this one, but I did do a little painting on it at the end to customize it. We made him a LEGO carrier! How fun! We took a low priced, new toolbox, and made into a giant Lego! How awesome is that, and pretty easy!!!

And here are some cards my husband and I worked on for the kids together! He is a master craftsman at MANY things, but he's especially great at papercraft. He made the pop-up cards and I helped decorate them... They were a hit...For more, and to see inside them, look at my Blog, "It's a Party".

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