February 27, 2010

Corner Charm

Do you have a corner in YOUR house that adds a lot of charm? I just put this up inside our entry. I love it. Our surname monogram looks so modern against this fanciful bird background. It's now so inviting, not just a place for the keys... Upload your "corner charm" under the comments section below this post! I'd love to see it!
I used spray adhesive to keep the fabric piece on a piece of 81/2 x 11 paper. Then, I printed out the "H" off of MS Word in a font I liked and cut it out. I again used the spray adhesive to mount it to the fabric, and there you go. Super easy...like 10min! ..oh, and of course, $free!!! Yea!

I picked the key holder up this week from Ikea for just 1.99. It's simple, but modern. I love it!
And a ton of thanks, Amy, for the inspirational fabric from Hobby Lobby! I just love it!!!

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  1. reading blogs is so addictive. I love all that you have done, Joy. You continue to be such an inspiration. I will post photos soon of some of my ideas (of course inspired by you) soon. I simply loved the fabric you used in this one. I just finished priming the mirror you gave me. Now to choose the colors I will use to complete it. Because of all of the detail in the frame, I am thinking, that I will paint it one color and dry brush another to bring out the detail.