February 21, 2010

Fanciful Pots and Numbers:

These pots are featured on my blog, It's a Party. This one by far is my favorite. I sprayed it creme with spray paint. Then I put my thumb in black acrylic paint and made black "thumb prints" all over the vase, and the antennas. I painted the rim black while it dried. When the thumb prints were dry, I painted wings on each ladybug with red acrylic. Red dots then decorated over the black rim. To finish it off, small tiny white dots flickered their ladybug wings. Glitter paint would also look very nice!

This pot was sprayed creme as well and let to dry. I cut triangles out of leftover scrapbook paper I had and glued them on the side with Elmer's glue. Then I painted the rim red and it was ready to go!

The final look:

I had to leave one black as my nephew requested. Plus, it can be reused after the party immediately.... the green legos add a nice pop of color against the black.

Again, I used the leftover scrapbook paper to make a band across the top of this one. I pieced this one together as I only had small scraps left after cutting out the numbers.

To do the numbers I first printed out several samples of font I liked using MS Word. I chose the one I liked best and drew the whimsical number on 1/2 sheet of scrapbook paper and cut it out with an exacto knife on a self-healing mat (available at most craft stores). Then, I laid the number on 1"thick styrofoam (my husband has it around for his model planes), and traced around it with a pen.

Then, I cut out the styofoam with the exacto knife. It really helps if your knife is freshly sharpened, or new. I relayed the number on the styrofoam to make sure it fit well.

At this point on the number "8's" I spray painted them, and it shrunk the styrofoam about 1/2". I now know this. So, instead on the "2's", I just spread a think layer of glue on surface and applied the scrapbook piece. The smoother and thinner the glue, the less wrinkles you'll get.

I wedged tighly-placed additional styrofoam in each pot, and inserted 3 bamboo skewers to extend from pot to number. The "2's" are shorter because I had cut the skewers first. And that's it! This is what your end product will be like:

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  1. Thank You for the tutorial! I'm going to give this a try for my daughters sesame street party coming up!