February 21, 2010

It's a PARTY!!!

Setting the stage is a critical part of having a party..of any kind, and my sister, Amy knows how to do it just right. I've been to a lot of parties at her house and she always makes each one special by adding her creative touch! This party, a shared-birthday, was no exception! I was honored (since I'm back in town) that she let me help out with some of the crafts...

This is a cool chalk-board Amy wrote on, on the wall. An extra special touch, I think! (And she had made this frame/chalkboard herself)!

Now for who we are celebrating... Well, someone is turning "8", and someone is turning, "2"! Amy had a great idea to make these potted numbers. LOVE them! She gave me the pots, some spray paint, scrapbook paper, bamboo skewers and I just went nuts! We did do a combo theme too of red and black. Peter (8) wanted just "black", and Lilly (2) wanted ladybugs, so here's where we took that...

A closer look at the whimsical numbers! Of course I naturally thought of using some Legos as the grass for the number flowers! What else would I use? I enjoyed decorating the pots to match as well.. Perhaps I got a little carried away! I also loved the table accent Amy did with the black table cloth and red ribbon down the middle. Very classy and a perfect blending of a boy/girl party.

The fireplace is super cute, but we needed to make a simple tissue paper garland (see tutorial soon) just to jazz it up a bit for the party... All of the tissue pom-poms are attached to a string (even though you can't see it.) I used yarn, but using fishing line would make them look like they are floating! How cool would that be?

And another happy "black" tissue paper garland to adorn the window and the happy birthday bidding. I'm in love with how Amy hung the birthday banner as well! Awesome! You can't tell on the photo, but the sun shone in behind it so beautifully!

Because I know you are in love already with these designs of Amy's, check out her blog at Tune My Heart! She's the one that inspired me to do my own blog in the first place, and she never ceases to inspire me creatively, or as a mother!

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