March 17, 2010

"My Sheep"

Last week, I was missing Florida a bit, so I drew & painted this: (it's a white Ibis)My Dad's birthday was this week, so I drew & painted this for him: (I sketched the sheep first, then decided to do an art deco collage around him with newspaper and magazine clippings.)
Then I thought to myself that the sheep faded too much into the background of the collage, so I gesso'd and modge podge'd over the collage, and added the words with a grease pencil. Now it's ready as a birthday gift to my Dad. Money Spent: $0.00 Handmade & Especially Designed Work of Art to my beloved Father: Priceless. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Me and my Dad on Sunday at his birthday party. I love you, Dad!


  1. wow! drawing/painting is something I have no talent for. This is lovely.