March 1, 2010

Buttercup Bag

Remember this fabric from last week featured here? Thanks, to my sister, Amy, I still had more, so I made this bag. It's a handmade original by Rae Hoekstra. She makes the smaller version available for free on her blog here. I modified the inside to have 2 pockets (one for keys/one for cell phone), and a zippered pocket. I would LOVE to know what you all think of it??? Should I start selling them in my etsy shop? Make more, or not? Or go back to making the other one? Please post a comment below...
This is what the bag looks like as a whole. It fits just perfectly over the shoulder... and oh, I lined it with red cotton : ). I'm in love with new first pick of a purse! Thanks, Rae!


  1. Joy- I like the bag... I say make some more. It's good to have variety, since some people like a larger, carryall purse, and other gals like a more compact bag. Great work! -Gina

  2. OK, This buttercup bag is too cute, and the slippers just wonderful. Keep up the great work. You are just so busy for words... Cheryl

  3. That bag is beautiful! I love that fabric too! If Rae doesn't have a problem with you makeing and selling them, go for it! And if you want to advertise your shop, please drop by my blog. I'm going to be opening up some spots for ads for REALLY cheap, very soon.