April 23, 2010


My friend: "I need an alteration, and my dress should be here pretty soon. Are you available to do it?"

Me: "Sure! I'd love to! Just let me know when you get the dress in." (meanwhile I'm packing for an upcoming move to Ohio). "I should have plenty of time."

My friend: (one week later). "I'm calling the dress shop. My dress should've been here by now."
..................about an hour passes by...... "they actually said it hasn't even been shipped yet. Argh!"

Me: "When is the wedding again?"

My friend: "In two months. I guess I will have to mail it to you."

***Moving Day has arrived for me (and my husband) to go to Ohio...and has gone... We are moved in now. All boxes are unpacked, including my sewing machine.******

My friend: "The dress is finally here. It's way too big!"

Me: "When's the wedding again?"

My friend: "In two weeks."

Me: "Okay...I'll get right on it then!" ...(I'm a little nervous)...

***Then look what came in the mail ASAP: A really wrinkled and too-large bridesmaid gown. I did get on it right away! We cannot have my friend not be prepared for her friend's big day! My awesome friend (in Florida), Cheryl, saved the day and rushed to Jillian to get her measured, and the dress pinned on her inside-out. Then, I wouldn't have to move the pins when I received it in the mail. What a blessing! Thank you, Cheryl!!!
The straps needed sewn shorter, the sides taken in and side boning ("bone-ing") taken out. Not too much overall, but I wanted it to look nice..and not like it's been altered.

So, I altered it and thought I was done.

I am about the same size as my friend, and so I tried the dress on. I couldn't zip it up. NOT a good sign.

I called her.

We talked.

I took it out one more inch.

I tried it on again. It zipped!


I then packed it back in the box and shipped it to Louisiana (where the wedding was to be), not Florida (where she lives).

Did the dress make it in time?

Did it fit okay?

Well, "yes" and "yes".

And a big "Whew!" from me!

The dress arrived on a Wednesday, and the wedding was Saturday.

Jillian looked so beautiful at her friend's wedding:

And enclosed was a small clutch I made for her to take to the wedding for...

what else?..

Somewhere to put the lipstick, credit card, and tissues for when you cry!

So glad everything turned out well in the end. Thanks so much for allowing me the honor of doing this for you, even from another state! You are a very trusting friend! Love ya!

April 22, 2010

LOOK what we brought home today...

We went to Lowe's today because my husband wanted to spend some of his birthday gift money. I love that he choose to get these orchids! They are just GORGEOUS! ...and on sale!!! Don't they just look so lovely on our dining room table?:
But that's not all....we just were overjoyed and taken away in their outdoor garden center as well! So many beautiful plants! We wanted them all! Really! But, seeing the beauty in the simple things, I choose out two very distinct snapdragons to take home of my own:

I just love spring! How exciting!

April 11, 2010

Top #2 & #3!!!

I'm still carried away in the excitement. There is still two more weeks of top submissions to go on Made By Rae's featured TOP WEEK! I'm well on my way with entries, and the two shirts below will be my 2nd and third top entered. I used NEW LOOK pattern 6562 for both (the pink one is view E, and the blue one is view C). I'm lovin' this new Ohio weather to sport my new summer-y tops! Yea!!! Do you think I will win?

LOL. I have to comment on this picture. It was so bright outside today that I didn't notice the shoulder strap was twisted, till I looked at the pics. Oh, well...you understand : )! The small, floral, pink print is a calico cotton from Jo Ann's and the solid pink at the top was was a light-weight flannel from Jo Ann's. I had a flannel remnant leftover from a robe that I made my mom for Christmas last year.

And then the blue one:
(Note to self: re-iron the shirt before having your wonderful husband take pics of you, or just apologize to your lovely and forgiving readers : )!

This blue stripe material was 100% cotton from Ikea. I loved the simple, but fun pattern of the blue. I try to have all colors throughout my wardrobe, instead of sticking to safe colors like blue, brown, and black. I definitely like color...well, when it matches : )! The solid blue on the top was a piece of cotton I already had. Here's a close-up of the side split detail.
I'd love to hear what you think about my new tops! Please share with me below!

April 8, 2010

REUSEABLE grocery bags!

Last week was my cousin, Lisa's, bridal shower. I had such a great time (and looked like the bride did too)! My sister and I wanted to give her a personable and special gift, while saving money at the same time. After seeing this grocery bag tutorial on Sew Mama Sew, we couldn't resist whipping up a few for the bride-to-be! And you know what?........
She loved them!!! And do you know what else?..........
They ended up matching her kitchen colors perfectly (even though I didn't intentionally do that)! Wow! And then my sister filled them up with all kinds of grocery items for their new home! And look how much they can hold!!!
Congrats on your upcoming wedding, Lisa! I'm sooo excited for you and Aaron! And...enjoy those grocery bags for many, many, many trips to the store! And, don't forget...machine wash those cold, and tumble dry on low! If you haven't jumped over to that tutorial to see how easy these are made, check it out here, now. : )

April 5, 2010

Happy Post-Easter!

Hope you had a fabulous Easter with your family this weekend! I thoroughly enjoying being back in town again and spending the holidays with family. There is nothing like it! Easter Sunday was warm and sunny in Ohio, and I was thankful to get to wear my new Easter dress I sewed:I made this dress off of Simplicity 2725. My husband bought me the fabric last year at Hobby Lobby for my 30th birthday. I liked the dress pattern pretty well, but as usual I made some changes to it that fit me better...like in the waist and length, and I added side pockets! My fav!
These "spring" flowers were made with leftover candy-bucket wedding favors, nickel spray paint, chalkboard paint, jewelry wire (for the stems), pearl beads for the stems, origami paper (for the flowers), and buttons for the stamens. They turned out okay from what my original design was for them, and so they took a place on the fireplace mantel for a while.

This special Easter project was inspired by my friend, Gina. I wanted to be an encouragement to my husband this Easter and leave "encouragement eggs" for him as his Easter surprise. So, I spray painted an old egg carton first with water based H2O spray paint, and then top coated with with a nickel spray paint finish. I glued a piece of scrapbook paper over the top and then wrote on it in the middle with a calligraphy marker....

Then, inside were little notes from me to him tucked inside each egg, with a few of his favorite candies... I only hid a few of them for him to find Sunday morning, but he says he is stretching out the blessing by only opening a few eggs a day. He is such an awesome husband and I just love him so much! My friend, Gina, tucked 2 eggs a day into her husband's lunch bag... What a treat! Thanks, Gina!

This is me and my wonderful man, Steven, on Easter! I love you, Babe!

A few beautiful flowers from my Grandma's garden.... Just to enjoy : )

Happy Easter everyone!

April 3, 2010

Making Memoribilia

This plane was my inspiration. My husband, Steven, is a genius and master of paper craft (and many other things). In fact, we both craft...all day, and all night! He built this Nieuport 17 biplane out of paper stock. It's one of my favorites, and his. I wanted to make this plane into a display for him. I was so excited to find this awesome tutorial on Twice Remembered about how to transfer printed images. See how she made hers here. I started with this old frame I had:
I took the backboard out of the frame and used it as a template. I traced around the board on a piece of art paper:
Steven already had pictures of the model already printed out in black and white & color:
I cut out the plane shapes I wanted to use, and lettering, and arranged them on my art paper page:
Then, I colored the back side of each cutout with the side of my pencil lead. This will create a faux "graphite" transfer paper:
Then, when all the images are ready, I arranged them back on the page and taped them down. Masking tape works best, so your art paper will not rip as you pull it off:
With a regular ink pen, preferably in a blue or red, trace all letters on top of copied image:
Then, take off the copied image, and beneath you will see your traced image:
Proceed to trace all of your copied designs:
Until they all look like this:
And then this:
And then trace over the images with a black ink pen (a fine point black pen or thin tipped sharpie works best). And this is what it will look like after:
Hope you enjoy the display, sweetheart!
I wasn't able to get any toner-copies to do the acetone technique like at Twice Remembered. I did want to show you, though, how you can do this same project without much artistic drawing skills or equipment. And it will look so professional when you are done! Enjoy!