April 5, 2010

Happy Post-Easter!

Hope you had a fabulous Easter with your family this weekend! I thoroughly enjoying being back in town again and spending the holidays with family. There is nothing like it! Easter Sunday was warm and sunny in Ohio, and I was thankful to get to wear my new Easter dress I sewed:I made this dress off of Simplicity 2725. My husband bought me the fabric last year at Hobby Lobby for my 30th birthday. I liked the dress pattern pretty well, but as usual I made some changes to it that fit me better...like in the waist and length, and I added side pockets! My fav!
These "spring" flowers were made with leftover candy-bucket wedding favors, nickel spray paint, chalkboard paint, jewelry wire (for the stems), pearl beads for the stems, origami paper (for the flowers), and buttons for the stamens. They turned out okay from what my original design was for them, and so they took a place on the fireplace mantel for a while.

This special Easter project was inspired by my friend, Gina. I wanted to be an encouragement to my husband this Easter and leave "encouragement eggs" for him as his Easter surprise. So, I spray painted an old egg carton first with water based H2O spray paint, and then top coated with with a nickel spray paint finish. I glued a piece of scrapbook paper over the top and then wrote on it in the middle with a calligraphy marker....

Then, inside were little notes from me to him tucked inside each egg, with a few of his favorite candies... I only hid a few of them for him to find Sunday morning, but he says he is stretching out the blessing by only opening a few eggs a day. He is such an awesome husband and I just love him so much! My friend, Gina, tucked 2 eggs a day into her husband's lunch bag... What a treat! Thanks, Gina!

This is me and my wonderful man, Steven, on Easter! I love you, Babe!

A few beautiful flowers from my Grandma's garden.... Just to enjoy : )

Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. hi joy, i have to start with telling you that i miss you so so so much!! i tried to comment on the pics individual but its not letting me so i guess this is how ima have to do it..lol i luv the shirts u made!! they are gorgeous and you are a great model..lol they look beautiful on you!! luv you and miss you!!