June 23, 2010

Congratulations Cousin! Part II of IV

Along with a wedding, you can hardly go through all the planning without needing some kind of alterations in the bridal outfits.... My cousin, Lisa, got married 2 weeks ago and I was priviledged to be asked by her sister (my cousin too), Katie, to alter the flowergirl's outfit. I was excited!
Katie and her mom, Peggy, found this very precious Cinderella dress at Macy's. It was adorable and fit Shelby well, but, it needed a hit of the bridal color, eggplant, in it. I was all too happy to fix it up for her!
Katie had a friend donate an older bridemaid's outfit in the same eggplant color that I could use for fabric. This worked out beautifully!
First, I took off the beautiful white rosettes along the waistband (they were sewn and GLUED on. Argh). Then, I took off the white, back satin ties. I used these ties as a pattern for my new, eggplant-colored satin belt.
I actually made the belt in three sections, graduating the belt width from about 4"wide in front to 2" wide in back. I attached the new belt at each side and at several points in front.

Alternate view.

And the back. It looked so cute on Shelby for the big day! See my sister's blog, Tune My Heart, for a few pictures from the wedding!
Thank you, Katie, for allowing me to do this for Shelby! She looked so fantastic and I had such a great time doing it!

June 20, 2010

Congratulations Cousin! PART #1....

My cousin, Lisa, got married a little over a week ago and I was so exited to make her and Aaron something special for their new home! Lisa's kitchen was themed in green and white and so with some special touches, I made her a gift to match:

Here's what it looked like opened.....Do you see a theme emerging?
Here is what is enclosed:

4 home-made linen/poly napkins for a special night's dinner with friends.

A homemade potholder that matches her plates and kitchen theme. (I made the flower/leaf stencil before her bridal shower ...off her exact floral pattern)... I knew I'd need that stencil to make special details later for her wedding gifts! Potholder design from this book...

Back view of the potholder.

And a homemade oven mitt with stenciled design. (I used Pebeo fabric paint to stencil the design on and then heat-set it on. The inside of the mitt is the green floral cotton fabric). Oven mitt pattern from this book....

Back view of the oven mitt.

And the rest of the wedding basket contained 2 dish cloths and one delicious smelling soy candle to accent her kitchen decor!

Steven and I are so excited for you and Aaron! We hope you have a great honeymoon, and can't wait to see pictures when you get back! Congratulations!!!!


Cousin Joy (& Steven)
**PS...If you want to see the homemade grocery bags she got for her bridal shower click here : )!

June 6, 2010

Upcycled Toddler Dress!

It started as a women's shirt from the Goodwill Outlet for $1.49. I only liked the smocked part on the front, but instantly knew it would make a terrifically adorable dress for my wonderful 2 year old niece, Lilly:I cut up the side seams, and separated the front of the shirt from the back and the sleeves....leaving me with 4 pieces. I then pinned the button-up front part of the shirt right-sides together and sewed down the front:
I then had one whole front piece with no seams. I had a pattern for Lilly that I had made back in February for making her this outfit. I laid the pattern on top of my sewed front piece and used it as a guide for determining the right size, cutting around my pattern:
Then I had a cute beginning shirt/dress front:
To make a dress back piece, I layed out the back portion of the women's shirt on the floor, folded my front dress piece in half and used it as a pattern to make my dress backing. I cut 2 back panels, a little bigger than the front dress piece because I wanted to use buttons to close it:
Now I have two dress pieces, front and back, out of the women's shirt. I sewed up the lower half of the back, leaving a 1/2" seam at the back to add the closure buttons....or I could've used a zipper...but I didn't have one at the time:
Then I added loops and buttons to the back area, so that Lilly could easily get the dress on and off. I also chose not to line it so it would be nice and light-weight for her to wear this summer:
With the front and back pieces now done, I sewed the shoulder seams together, then the side seams. I used the dress to create neck interfacing pieces of my own:
After I added the neck interfacing, I made my own puffed-elastic sleeves (oops...forgot to take pics of the sleeve steps), but I made them look like I did on my Easter dress and on Courtney's dress: (I think I'm getting addicted to this kind-of sleeve design!)
I added a few white buttons to the front and hemmed the bottom of the dress and...doesn't my sister's Angel Baby look so absolutely darling???? Aww....

She loved it very much! And is so, so, so cute! Total cost of the dress: $1.49. Time spend sewing: 2.5 hours. Seeing it on Lilly and her loving it: Priceless!
The back of the dress... It really was straight, but as you know, it's really hard to get a 2 year old to stand still for very long: )!

The seamstress/Aunt Joy with her sister's darling Angel! See more of my sister's awesome blog: Tune My Heart! I love you, Lilly! And I'm so happy you love your thrift store up-cycled dress!