July 10, 2010

"Trading" Skills

Last week, I saw the absolute cutest necklace on my friend, Bethany, at work! I asked her, "Where did you get that?" ...and she said, "well, I made it." I decided right then that I really wanted one for myself...and so we came up with a quick solution to "trade" skills. Though she knows how to sew as well, I came up with the idea to make and give her a wristlet wallet in exchange for the necklace. She loved the idea, and we made the exchange today! I am lovin' my new jewelry set and she loved her new handmade wristlet. How fun! And this is what it looked like inside... I lined it with an accent blue color that was plush. Now Bethany will have the necessities she needs to carry right on her wrist....money, lipstick/chapstick, a pen, and car keys.... I just made up a pattern from a design in my head and used supplies I already had. I've seen this idea on Sutton Grace's blog before, and now was the time to make my own...well, to give away. And was pleased with the results. What do you think?
Here is the fabulous buttoned necklace (and bracelet --next) that I traded for! Thank you, Bethany! I love my new set!!! You are so creative!!!! Thank you for sharing your craft skill with me!!! My nw necklace will go with sooooo much that I have! Super excited! And this is what my wonderful new matching bracelet looks like: I just love them both!!! Trading skills was so awesome! Anyone else out there want to trade with me?

July 7, 2010

Congratulations Cousin III & IV...finally!

To all of my faithful readers out there.... I apologize for the delay in my new posting.....But, my wonderful hubbs and I have been very busy lately....we were making a baby (as a surprise to us)....Our first baby in fact... So, more mommy stuff later, but for now....on with the crafts! We have so much to show you that we've been working on!

This is my cousin, Katie. She got to wear this beautiful dress in her sister's wedding. I was so honored to get to do the alterations to make her dress fit. (You know the bridal stores always order them in too large)..... Katie is very thin, so I took in the sides of the dress along the bodice, moved the halter straps 2" in on each side, and hemmed the gown about 1 1/2". It came out great and she looked beautiful in it!
Closer look. Very pretty design by Alfred Angelo, in eggplant:

This is what Lisa's ring-bearer pillow looked like origionally:

This is what the pillow looked like after adding a simple splash of Lisa's eggplant wedding accent color: I had such a great time doing all of these alterations, crafts, and sewing projects for the wedding! How fantastic! I am so happy for you Lisa, and I hope you and Aaron have a great life together! Look forward to seeing you at the next family gathering!