August 1, 2010

New Baby = New Cute Stuff!

Here I am with my friend, Johanna, at her recent baby shower. She is soon to have her 3rd baby boy and I was so excited to make her some cute-as-can-be baby stuff that I dreamed up. All babies deserve to have "special" stuff made just for them, no matter what # of baby you happen to be! So, here's what she wanted and what I came up with: Johanna wanted a nursing shawl to show all modesty when needing to feed her baby outside of the home. I had seen one before a long time ago, but designed my own version in my art journal and then went to work with what I had. I like my version. (I look forward to making one for myself as well) What do you think? I made it have a removeable plastic tube in the top casing to allow the top to fan out and see the baby in full view while allowing for full privacy. I also lined the front piece and made it all 100% machine washable. Hope you find it useful, Johanna!
And then, my last step is that I placed a clasp (repurposed from a backpack) onto the back fabric strap, so that the shawl could be easily adjusted:
And then, every baby needs their own........blanket, right? Johanna said the nursery was decorated in baby pastels of blue, green and yellow, and so here's what came about.......

I cut out a ton of squares (maybe 5"x5") out of cute baby-boy-to-be fabric I had, and layed them out in a design I liked. (I used the extra squares I had to make baby blocks for our baby)....then...started sewing: I sewed each row of sqaures together and then row to row. Now I'm ready for the backing:
And here is how it looked sewn together. I tacked each corner (not shown) of each square with a small piece of yarn to hold the blanket in place to the backing. I hope you love you new baby stuff, Johanna! We are so excited for your 3rd precious one to come along! (And yes, I ironed the blanket before attaching it to the backing...hee, hee)... And, just in case you didn't hear the news yet... I am pregnant too! Here is my first 3 month picture...This baby will be our first to come...

And what do I have planned so far to sew for our little one? Well, here's my list (so far):
  1. sleeper bag
  2. 4 hats - out of knit/jersey fabric
  3. 1-2 pr booties
  4. blanket
  5. 24 cloth diapers (still deciding which pattern to use...any ideas of your favs?)
  6. swaddler wraps x2
  7. boppie with removeable/washable cover
  8. 2 giraffee rattles
  9. sock animals (done...1 bunny made 7.26.10)
  10. winter zippered outfit with hat/mittens
  11. bibs x? (how many do I need)
  12. tag blankie
  13. crib bumper
  14. burp clothes (umm...maybe 4-6?)
  15. diaper bag
  16. diaper changing mat
  17. wet bags x2
  18. fabric baby blocks (done 7.26.10)
  19. 2 receiving blankets
  20. car seat cover
  21. nursing shawl (like the one I made above)

So, Can I do it? Do I need to have all of this? I know I can make it all for sooooo cheap... Any advice, anyone? 6 months to go.. (well, I think)


  1. Congratulations! You will be one busy mama-to-be with that list. With your talents, I'm sure you'll whip thru that list in no time. Love that nursing cover you made. It's really neat.


  2. Wow! That list freaks me out!!! :)
    Save some things for presents. . .
    (skip the burp cloths - use a towel)
    I have a tan changing mat that you could just add something too to make it prettier.
    Use a blanket to cover the car seat!
    I have a bumper for a girl, if you do not want it, you can use it as a pattern.
    So, I am guessing for your birthday, you want a gift. cert. to JoAnn's (I mean Aunt Joy's fabrics)!

  3. Congratulations, first of all. Your to do list looks a lot like mine! Having babies are so much fun and all the pleasure of handmade items makes it more special. I really liked the pattern from for cloth diapers the best. Good luck to you!

  4. Thank you, Keli, for the cloth diaper reference! I'm excited to get started on that and want to choose the best kind that I can! Hopefully we can both achieve out to-do lists!: )

  5. Joy, I am so blessed to have such a great friend as you! I love everything you made for our little Micah! I can not wait to wrap him up in his little blanket, and I absolutely LOVE the cover-up you made for me!!!
    Joy, I love all the items you want to make for Nathan, but leave something for us to buy for you for your baby shower - HAHA =)
    I love ya momma to-be!!!