September 24, 2010

Tee-shirts for the Scotts!

This past January (yes, that long ago)...I was shopping at Kohl's and saw this blue embellished tee shirt that would be just awesome for a friend of ours, ....and it was on clearance during the winter! I was really looking for long-sleeved shirts for my husband, but you know once in awhile you have to get something NOT on your original list : )! So home it came with me...and sat...and sat...

My very special and wonderful friend, Gina, needed a surprise gifted tee shirt from me as as her husband, Brian's shirt sat around, I was in designing phases over hers. She grew up in a town called Paris, and she also happens to have a love of Paris, it was not a second thought as to how I'd make her tee shirt! I started with the above freehand stencil, drawn on the matte side of freezer paper. Then I cut it out carefully with an exacto knife. I usually place the freezer paper over a self -healing mat before I start cutting. Obviously, by my above design, I went a little overboard in the details and embellishments. This stencil type does not lend itself well to small designs. This design, scanned onto transfer paper, would have worked more effectively.

I decided to cut out a lot of detail and simplify my design. I only cut out the eiffel tower and
P-A-R-I-S wording. Then I ironed it onto her tee-shirt (or bag...or onesie....). I bought hers at Hobby Lobby, but you can get a good selection at JoAnn Fabrics and Michaels Arts & Crafts too.
Then you can use fabric paint to paint inside your stenciled design. I use Pebeo fabric paint. I peel the freezer paper off the tee-shirt and then let it dry for 24 hours. I iron heat-set the design...and here's how they came out:
Tee-shirts for the Scotts. Thank goodness I got them mailed in August...just at the last of summer. Horray : )

So.....for Gina....

...and for Brian! Glad you guys are enjoying them! We love you and miss you both!

September 9, 2010

Cute changes : )!

Aww!!! right? Steven and I couldn't resist these little guys from Ikea for 49 cents each!
And so I took this parade of little animals.... and turned it into this.....
mobile for our baby Nathan to come!!! They attach with velcro so if he shows interest in them, we can pull one off and let him play with it. The rest is made of white ribbon and twill tape.

One of these: I got at a garage sale for $2.00. had this ugly, super tacky fabric.....yuck!.....
And so...over a few turned into this:

The printed fabric is from Ikea and the back side I covered in red velour. All washable and quickly removeable!