February 25, 2011

New Studs for Hubs!

The love of my life has started a few new projects around the house lately, including.... sanding, and finishing up this wonderful flying model airplane my Grandpa built. Steven is very excited!

He brought the plane home on Christmas Day and set up his shop right away in our basement. He soon came back upstairs with sawdust on his pants and said, "Love, can I request that you make me a work apron?" I love making things for him, so of course I said yes! And so the project started....

This kitchen apron fits him really well that we already had, and so I used it as my template pattern piece. However, I don't like how the neck tie is one size and hangs too low....., so I went with a design by Ikea (seen last year at their store). Their design had a slip casing on the upper portion of the apron that a ribbon ran through to become both the neck tie and the back tie strings.

We already had this piece of duck/canvas drop cloth from Lowe's that was unused. It was pretty sturdy in weight already, but because it was to become a work apron, I doubled it in thickness. I cut two of everything... 2 apron fronts, 2 pockets, and 2 casings for the ties to go through. I didn't take pics of how I sewed it, but just leave a comment below and I'll get back with you with directions.

And here is the finished product. He chose not to model it for me, but it still fit and looked good on him.

2 pockets in front, one long piece of tie! .... the hammer hold and upper pencil pocket idea came at the end! Now he's ready to work and keep the dust off of him!

Button Up Headbands!

Last week was my precious niece's 3rd birthday! I was so excited to make something for the little princess! Though my precious newborn did not make it easy for his mommy to have time to sew, I was excited to find the time! Here's what came out....a few very girly, buttoned headbands. I just adore using different types of buttons to decorate with and add amazing charm!

I used 3/4" wide elastic and made the casing longer than the elastic so that it would have a "bunched-up" look to it. I cut additional circles from the same fabric and used a hand-gathering stitch along the edge of the circle and pulled it tight into the middle. When you flatten it out, you get a nice gather and can add a charm or button in the center. I stitched the button on, but you could use hot glue or fabri-tac as well.

And here is the little princess! And yes, in her princess dress I made her for Christmas. The zipper ripped out when she first tried it on Christmas morning, but Aunt Joy fixed it with a new, much better zipper and rescued the dress back for the fair maiden! The fabric was from the rest of a donated bridesmaid's gown that my cousin gave me last year to fix up her dress. I had used the extra purple satin to alter this dress and pillow, and add accents to this dress last summer.

Happy 3rd birthday, Princess Lillya!

Trip to Tandy

Last Saturday, I went with my husband and new son to Tandy Leather Factory. We had a lot of fun looking around at their huge selection of leather products' and I got to try out my new homemade "Moby Wrap". I held him in it for about 2 1/2 hours and it went well! Nathan fell asleep pretty fast and seemed to enjoy being so close to mommy!

I looked at mobywrap.com and saw how long their slings were done. They run about $30. at Target and the ones I've seen are made out of a tight knit fabric. The wrap is pretty much 18 1/2 feet in length of fabric (5.5 meters long on moby's site) and then folded over in half lengthwise. I had to piece mine together to make it long enough, but it worked! If you buy 6 yards of fabric at the store, then there's no sewing even required! This would make a great gift and it's so easy!
And this is my little Nathan all fast asleep in his kangaroo hold in mommy's "moby" sling. For directions on how to wrap your infant safely, visit here for the newborn hug hold; visit here for the hug hold for a 3-4month old, or here for the kangaroo hold (any age).

February 3, 2011

Papoosed Baby

I'd like to introduce you to our new little bundle of joy: Nathan was born to us on January 21, 2011. We are so delighted with him and stare at him every second Steven and I get! He really has been a great, peaceful baby and is going so easy on us as our first son!

Here Nathan is in his bassinette, enwrapped in his papoose wrap that I made back him in October. This wrap is out of Lotta Jansdotter's book, "Simple Sewing for Baby". We love to wrap him in it to keep warm at night, and know he'll stay safe. Lotta's pattern is pretty easy and the perfect size for baby's first few months. The papoose is actually suppose to be wrapped tighter, but our little man needs to have his hands free. : ) This is a second one I sewed. Both are the same size. Both exterior fabric designs are from Ikea textiles and the interior fleece fabric is made from Ikea blankets (they are only 3.00 each and a lot cheaper to use for fabric than buying 2 yards of fleece at the store.)
Here is the papoose open. The baby gets placed in the lower pocket and then the two upper flaps fold over and velcro. When I make this design again, the only change I would make is to add a seperating zipper on the lower pocket for better access for diaper changing. Otherwise, still a wonderful design! I have made most of Lotta's designs out of her book with much success, and given them as gifts too! They have all gotten rave reviews!!! Thanks, Lotta!