February 25, 2011

Trip to Tandy

Last Saturday, I went with my husband and new son to Tandy Leather Factory. We had a lot of fun looking around at their huge selection of leather products' and I got to try out my new homemade "Moby Wrap". I held him in it for about 2 1/2 hours and it went well! Nathan fell asleep pretty fast and seemed to enjoy being so close to mommy!

I looked at mobywrap.com and saw how long their slings were done. They run about $30. at Target and the ones I've seen are made out of a tight knit fabric. The wrap is pretty much 18 1/2 feet in length of fabric (5.5 meters long on moby's site) and then folded over in half lengthwise. I had to piece mine together to make it long enough, but it worked! If you buy 6 yards of fabric at the store, then there's no sewing even required! This would make a great gift and it's so easy!
And this is my little Nathan all fast asleep in his kangaroo hold in mommy's "moby" sling. For directions on how to wrap your infant safely, visit here for the newborn hug hold; visit here for the hug hold for a 3-4month old, or here for the kangaroo hold (any age).


  1. I just got my screen wet from trying to kiss his cute face!!!! I wish I had had one of those when my kids were tiny.

  2. I wish I could've known how to make one for you back then too! N says he just loves his Aunt Amy and all her kisses!

  3. so joy, you just had to buy 6' of material? what kind of material did you get? i've wanted to try one of these. nathan is precious!

  4. Just go to JoAnns or walmart and ask them where their jersey knit fabric is on the shelf. There will be severeal kinds. Take a coupon with you to joanns to get 40% off one cut of fabric..and then get the cotton/poly blend of knit. I had gotten mine at Walmart 2years ago on clearance, but joanns still has it. Just buy 6 yards of fabric and fold in half width wise. (thanks for realizing my error above....it is not 6' long, it's 6 yards long).