May 21, 2011

Yea for cheap!

I just got home from my Rite Aid (they know me well now there : ) )...and here's what I got....

Retail value of above items (without coupons): $ 68.80
What I got all of the items for (with 4 transactions): $ 15.79, including tax.

I had to pray before I went this time, because with my baby and a long week, I wasn't able to compile my coupons and shopping strategy as best as I had liked. But, it all turned out VERY well. And on top of this for 15.79, I brought home a 10% off your total purchase coupon and 3, $3off $15 surveys to use next week in store.
I love Rite Aid much! Thank you, Johanna, for introducing me to their super great deals!

Trans #1: 2 Bic Razors and Crest Toothpaste: I had a rain check for the 2 razors which gave me them free, with a $2.00 overage. The toothpaste was 2.99 with 2 UP back. Paid only the tax of 46 cents on this one!

Trans #2: 2 Huggies, size 4. Had 2, $3.00 off coupons, and 2 video value coupons for $1.00 off each. Used the 2 UP rewards from trans #1 Paid: $11.12

Trans #3: 2 Finish powder/gel, 2 scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaners, and 2 airwick sprays. Had coupons for all items and Finish was B1G1, so I used coupons on both items. Used 5 UP from trans #2 Paid $2.55

Trans #4: Born free bottle. Bottle was clearanced 75%off, which made it 2.50. Used 1UP from trans #3 and paid only $1.66  This bottle will be used in a baby shower gift soon!

I realized at the end, had I been even more thorough, I could have saved about 4 more dollars off the above items....but I still think I did great. I can't be too hard on myself, since I'm still saving so much anyways!

May 20, 2011

SLEEVES to Baby Pants!

What once looked like this thermal shirt above, now looks like this:  

My husband used to work in a very cold, sterile room at work. He was required to wear short-sleeved scrubs. He thought.... to battle the cold he should buy some long underwear to wear under the scrubs. So, we brought home a long-sleeved, henley style thermal shirt and pants. I performed a little "surgery" on his henley top: I cut off the arms, cut off the buttoned placket, and made the shirt into a V-neck style.

I saved the sleeves I cut off.... placed them together...... cut a J-shaped wedge out of the top of each sleeve......sewed the sleeves together.....rolled the top down to make an elastic casing.....and sewed the buttoned placket down to make the baby pants appear to be  buttoned....then added the elastic in the waistband.

You can do this with your old sweaters or old shirts (men's or women's), creating an upcycled garment that's just perfect for your new baby! My baby pants fit my son from 2-5 months. I just love them, and Daddy thought I was pretty creative : ).

May 16, 2011


Today I took our 4 month old to Lowes to get some wood and paint for assembling kitchen shelves. He was absolutely mesmerized by everything around him! All the tools, all the wood, all the hardware...... will he be a contractor? A carpenter? Only the Lord knows, but it just makes me smile that he's mine : )!

New projects to conquer are upon me! And I am excited for the mission. My wonderful husband (my Babe, as I call him), just left for pre-deployment training this past Tuesday : ( ! To see us saying goodbye, and crying lots, see my sister's blog post here.  Just eight months after we were first married 6 3/4 years ago, he deployed to Iraq for 15 months. I thought that was VERY hard. This time was hard too, but I found it to be even harder to watch my Babe say goodbye to our new, precious little one.  This time, Daddy is headed to Afghanistan for 12 months. The last time he left, I painted the whole interior of our house in just 3 days. My strategy for coping is to pray without ceasing, and to dive into household projects.  My household project list this time is long enough already to last the whole year. These projects we always mine...never on my Babe's "honey-do" list. I definitely will miss his handyman skills around here for sure, as I hardly knew something was broken before he'd have it repaired. Plenty of things will break here in his absence I am sure, but my to do list is mainly cosmetic or decorating type things. You will see. Why, that's why I have this blog : )!

    Kitchen shelves....coming soon! You most certainly will be mesmerized too!