May 20, 2011

SLEEVES to Baby Pants!

What once looked like this thermal shirt above, now looks like this:  

My husband used to work in a very cold, sterile room at work. He was required to wear short-sleeved scrubs. He thought.... to battle the cold he should buy some long underwear to wear under the scrubs. So, we brought home a long-sleeved, henley style thermal shirt and pants. I performed a little "surgery" on his henley top: I cut off the arms, cut off the buttoned placket, and made the shirt into a V-neck style.

I saved the sleeves I cut off.... placed them together...... cut a J-shaped wedge out of the top of each sleeve......sewed the sleeves together.....rolled the top down to make an elastic casing.....and sewed the buttoned placket down to make the baby pants appear to be  buttoned....then added the elastic in the waistband.

You can do this with your old sweaters or old shirts (men's or women's), creating an upcycled garment that's just perfect for your new baby! My baby pants fit my son from 2-5 months. I just love them, and Daddy thought I was pretty creative : ).


  1. I LOVE IT Joy!! How creative, Nathan is so cute in them! You make things look so easy when it comes to sewing!

  2. So very creative!! And cute!

  3. Aww, thank you friends! I really enjoy sewing and love being frugal too!