June 29, 2011


I started with this.

And then I bought these at a thrift store..... (a size 6 or larger works best)

...because I liked the pocket detail.
For some reason, I misplaced the actual pattern and instructions.....somewhere... So, fortunately, I've made this pattern about 6 or so times (pictures here ), which saved me on the directions. Then, I had pre-cut another one about 6 months ago that I had ready, and so, whew...that took care of the pattern pieces!
And this is how it turned out.
And I got it done in time for my mom's birthday last week. : )
Happy Birthday, Mom!

June 19, 2011

Vertical Storage

When we moved in, our kitchen looked like this.
Then with a little work and a lot of primer it looked like this.
Then we made this and blogged about it here.
We went to IKEA and bought 3 sets of these shelf ends.
And they cost this much (each).

Then it all came together a year later and now looks like this.
                                         Now for a few highlights of the completion:
Ikea utensils.... $5.00 for the set. Yes, really. LOVE them!

Made these for my sister's kitchen seen here a few years ago for Christmas. Now her kitchen is orange and mine has red accents, so she let me borrow them back : ). How nice of her!

Plasticware from Target.. 6 plates for 98 cents, and 6 bowls for 98 cents.
Glassware from Ikea...50 cents a glass
Striped sandwich board from Ikea....$3.99

Personalized mugs from a great vacation spot. Priceless.

Black clock from Ikea.....$5.00
Grundtal kitchen dish organizer from Ikea....$30.00ish
The "finished" product. I still want to add block letters in RED that say "EAT" above the spice rack. My very creative sister's idea....but I'm still trying to find the right size of wooden letters. Oh, Hobby Lobby, will you come through for me?
The opposite wall. Yep. My only question is....so what do you think I should do here? Any suggestions from my wonderful readers would be great! Please leave any comments below! Thanks!

June 15, 2011


There were 2 girls who were pregnant
They were nothing but elated....

Over what God had created.

What will he be like?

She'll be perfect, right?

And he was more precious than I had dreamed.

A gift from God, she just gleams!

Treasuring each day with the little one.
A precious new life has just begun.

Dear One, you look so cute...
.....in those slippers, and no one could refute.
You are both so precious and so loved! In fact, you are God's Beloved!
We'll hold you close each new day,
And prayers for you we will say.

And in those slippers, you are too sweet,
our love for you cannot be beat.

True friendship is so treasured,
as it can never be measured.
So,thank you my friend,
my love to you I also send.

FREE Baby slipper pattern (shown made above) available from Stardust Shoes.

June 10, 2011

Bottoms Up!

It's summer here at last! I was so excited to try on Nathan these super cute bloomers I made for him from Lotta Jansdotter's book, Simple Sewing for Baby. They are the bloomers on page 23. Before Nathan was born I think I made about 90% of the items Lotta had in her book because I loved her ideas so much! The bloomers were so simple and they came in two sizes. I can't wait to make more and see Nathan totting around in them soon!
Front View

Back View

June 6, 2011

A Strawberry Weekend

On Saturday we went to a Strawberry Festival Parade.

I brought my little guy. He loved it....he watched, and watched, then he fell asleep.

My sister and I had a great time with her friend, Beth, and her family.

Even the little Angel Princess came (aka my niece) and was given lots of candy by the parade floats.

We saw lots of bands, lots of floats, and little men dressed like strawberries.

And I was completely distracted by this beautiful building across the street. I daydreamed of how I could paint it and what a lovely painting it would turn out to be. This area had a lot of charm for me!

We made it home after the parade, and my tire about fell off...literally. The ball joint had broke and it had to be towed a half hour later. : (

But, have no worries.... Nathan and I just spent the afternoon at home baking this wonderful strawberry dessert for a special person we love "berry"much....
.....My mom! On Sunday we celebrated with our family. We had a wonderful lunch, and the strawberry shortcake for dessert. You can find the recipe I made here. It was delicious!

Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!

....and yes, I do love strawberries too.

June 4, 2011

Just Like Daddy

Nathan is our precious son. He is now 19 weeks old, and the time is just flying by! At such a young age, Nathan wants to be just like his Daddy, and we think this includes looking like him too! I made them matching pairs of slippers.

The pattern is really only for baby shoes from Stardust Shoes, but I adapted my own version last year to fit us adults. We have wooden floors and ceramic tile in our home, and they sure due get cold in the winter when you are barefoot! Steven and I are on our 2nd pair of slippers this year, and Nathan has 3 pairs already! See our other ones I've made here.

Aww....so cute indeed! And I'm sure this will not be my last daddy and son matching venture to be sure!

June 1, 2011

Best Diaper Deal Yet!

I'm so excited....as I do get when I get home from a great couponing day! Above is what I got at my Rite Aid today.....
2 jumbo packs of Huggies (size 4s), 2 packages of Huggies Little Swimmers for my tike, one BOX of 96 Pampers size 3, and one refill pack of 216ct Pampers wipes.
Retail cost of above items at store: $57.87
What I paid today at store: $23.37, plus I got 10 +UP rewards back and 3, $3/15 store survey coupons. So, thats about $23 oop, and 19 back. Great deal!

For the first two transactions I follwed ForTheMammas advice here. Got back actually 20 +UP rewards.

For my third transaction I bought the box of Pampers only, used 1.00 pampers coupon, and a $3/15 store survey coupon, and got 3 +UP back.

For my fourth transaction I bought only the Pampers wipes. I used a 1.00 off wipes coupon, and the previous 3UP rewards from trans #3.

Just delightful savings! This sale is good through this Saturday if you want to get these same deals too!