June 1, 2011

Best Diaper Deal Yet!

I'm so excited....as I do get when I get home from a great couponing day! Above is what I got at my Rite Aid today.....
2 jumbo packs of Huggies (size 4s), 2 packages of Huggies Little Swimmers for my tike, one BOX of 96 Pampers size 3, and one refill pack of 216ct Pampers wipes.
Retail cost of above items at store: $57.87
What I paid today at store: $23.37, plus I got 10 +UP rewards back and 3, $3/15 store survey coupons. So, thats about $23 oop, and 19 back. Great deal!

For the first two transactions I follwed ForTheMammas advice here. Got back actually 20 +UP rewards.

For my third transaction I bought the box of Pampers only, used 1.00 pampers coupon, and a $3/15 store survey coupon, and got 3 +UP back.

For my fourth transaction I bought only the Pampers wipes. I used a 1.00 off wipes coupon, and the previous 3UP rewards from trans #3.

Just delightful savings! This sale is good through this Saturday if you want to get these same deals too!

1 comment:

  1. Great job Girlly!- you should be stocked for a while =) I love seeing all the deals you have been getting!