June 15, 2011


There were 2 girls who were pregnant
They were nothing but elated....

Over what God had created.

What will he be like?

She'll be perfect, right?

And he was more precious than I had dreamed.

A gift from God, she just gleams!

Treasuring each day with the little one.
A precious new life has just begun.

Dear One, you look so cute...
.....in those slippers, and no one could refute.
You are both so precious and so loved! In fact, you are God's Beloved!
We'll hold you close each new day,
And prayers for you we will say.

And in those slippers, you are too sweet,
our love for you cannot be beat.

True friendship is so treasured,
as it can never be measured.
So,thank you my friend,
my love to you I also send.

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  1. awwww Joy, that was so sweet!!!!!!!!