July 31, 2011

A Bird & Some Yogurt.

I was SHOCKED! Friday afternoon I kept hearing a rustling noise coming from my basement. Hmm... What could it be? A mouse? I sure hope not! Then what else? My suspicions were confirmed that it definitely was something, because Lexi, our cat, was crouched down by the basement door on prowl. Oh no! Here it goes.... I opened the basement door, and out flew a black bird...full size! Aggggh! What do I do? I mean, I have a bird, but this particular one was not welcome in my home! And how'd he get there anyways? As I was searching for ideas on how to get him OUTSIDE, he flew into my kitchen (above).....I stared at him for a minute, grabbed my camera (I have a blog....of course I'll take a minute to get a picture!)... snapped a photo, then opened the back door and out he flew! Whew. Still don't see him in the picture?
Look a little closer. Look who's squawking at me. No, really, I don't want you where you're at even more than you don't want to be there yourself.
And what I found left behind on my couch. Yes, he took one flight lap through my house before exiting the back door. And how did he get inside in the first place? Hmm.... What a day...
Onto some fun that evening... I joined some friends for a lovely dinner at Chipotle, then on to a close bookstore to get some yogurt. What happened to the coffee bar, I say? The company of friends, who are also all moms from my church, was just wonderful! I love getting out and about with friends...and our babies, of course! Above is Natalie, Johanna, and Leslie.
My friend, Sidney, with her 4mo old, Mauricio & I with my son, Nathan, 6mos.
My friend, Heather, with her daughter Gracie (and son Eric), and me again.

Thank you friends, for a great evening on the town!

And bird, wherever you are....thank you for leaving!

July 24, 2011

Happy things...Covered Clothespins

Ahh.... like "A bouquet of sharpened pencils" (Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail) is this pile of esthetically pleasing covered clothespins to me. They took me no time at all really, and only cost me about a penny each. I just smile when I look at them!

I used these supplies here.... Mod Podge from Michaels, 36 clothespin pack  from Dollar Tree, 3 scrapbook pieces of paper, and a blog HERE or HERE for the tutorial.
Are you smiling too? I thought so : )!

July 15, 2011

Smocked Sundress

I love baby girl clothes! They are so cute! But, I have a boy.....so, while I love my boy tremendously, I will just have to live out my sewing addiction to little girl clothes through my friends' and sisters' kids. I'm sure they won't mind : )....

I have been intrigued ever since Rae at Made By Rae posted photos of her cute little Clementine in an adorable orange sunsuit last summer, seen here. The pattern is free here on her website. I couldn't wait to get started and I'm delighted with the result! ....And the tutorials Rae linked to for doing the smocking/shirring on top were so helpful! Getting my smocked area wet after I sewed it, was key to making the top pucker like it did. I am so excited, and surprised by how easy it was! Thanks, Rae! I can't wait to make another one!
Sundress front

Sundress Back
Sundress Back close-up.
And my cute little model, Lilly. She is about 9 months old and just looks so darling in her purple sunsuit! I think she'll be able to wear it this summer and next. And after this project, I'm happy to say that I'm not afraid of shirring/smocking anymore. Thanks, Made By Rae! I have also made Rae's Buttercup Bags here.

July 3, 2011

Homemade Baby Food

My son will be 6 months this next week. Time to start eating purees. As this time has been approaching, I honestly think I've been a little intimidated about making Nathan his own baby food. I don't know why, but after trying it, I found out actually how simple it is.

The happy baby hand crank mixer was passed on to me by my sister. I love this little device! I tried my mock magic bullet mixer first, and it performed very poorly on pureeing his food. Then, I tried this hand crank one and each fruit/vegetable I tried came out perfectly...and soooo very easy!

I put small servings into an ice cube tray, waited overnight for them to freeze, then popped them out and placed them in labeled bags in the freezer. Voila! This food reserve will come in even more handy when I start to pre-plan his meals in a few more weeks. I can just defrost what I need for each day.

And the amount on my return?... About 1 cup frozen peas yielded me about 6 cubes, 3 nectarines yielded 12 cubes, and 1 banana yielded 8 cubes.  Making my own vs. buying jars, may be cheaper to do myself when the produce is in season and on sale, as my sister pointed out.

And it's all for this litle guy! Man, do I just love him so much!