August 19, 2011

My First-Ever DIAPER CAKE!!!

I'm going to my friend's baby shower tomorrow and wanted to take her something fun. I've seen so many ideas and versions of diaper cakes out there, but had never tried it. I chose this design above after watching about 4 YouTube videos, because I already had the tools to make it. And, since I'm a sewer, my design HAD to include fabric! : ) Not too bad for my first try. All in all, the whole thing cost me about $11.00 total, including diapers.
I made rosettes out of baby washcloths and rolled up some hand-stenciled onesies I had made.
I had made these adorable cloth baby shoes out of ikea burp cloths because I had just adored the fabric! You can find the FREE pattern and tutorial for these cloth shoes at Stardust Shoes HERE.  
This adorable fish bath mitt from Target fit great at the top with more baby washcloths tucked in around him at the top.
The interior support structure of my cake at the bottom is a package of Huggies wipes, and at the top a  baby bottle. 
It all held together pretty good, and I decided to display it on a glass plate stand. Now, to only get it there tomorrow! Congratulations, Kristen, on your new baby girl!!!

August 17, 2011

To Die For Blueberry Muffins...

Is your mouth watering yet? They are delicious, though I really don't think I would say they are "to die for" exactly. However, after finding and making these three separate times, it's an easy and delicious recipe that I'm adding to my main recipe stash. Yummy! Go HERE to print the recipe and have a taste yourself! Or, just ask me to make you some : )!

August 13, 2011

Yea! I won!...well, sort of....

I played Bunco last night with a great group of moms from my church. We had such an awesome time! We played 18 mini games, and I won a great prize above...for the most losses (12 total)! Woohoo! I got 3 pair of great earrings, that were much needed, and had fun learning a new game with friends! Thanks, girls!

August 2, 2011

Happy Birthday with Homemade!

I love this book. No, I actually LOVE this book! I've made a ton of stuff from 2 of Lotta's books, and love them everytime! My sister's birthday was in late July and I had my eye on several projects I had in mind for her
(probably for about the last year or so)....

When you're creative, sometimes the inspiration comes to you way in advance, but most often it visits at the last minute : )!

This was project #1 of her present from Lotta's book above. Potholders to match my sister's new beautifully redone kitchen. To see it, go HERE.  Disclaimer: You'll LOVE looking at her transformation, and you'll end up falling in love with her blog, so be careful : )!  I thought I should make her teal colored ones, since she changed her kitchen paint and decor scheme. She let me have the ones I made her previously for my kitchen HERE. (Thanks, Amy!)

And the reversible, wrap-around apron. The apron is pictured above as well, on the cover of Lotta's book. I'm going to have to make one for myself....well, someday.

Oh, it's going to look so cute hanging in her kitchen! And, she may wear it to cook in....maybe.
And the last thing I made for Amy was a shirt by the above inspiration. I clipped this shirt out of a Target add about 2 years ago and have had it posted on my craft board ever since. My sister, Amy, was over one day, saw the picture, and fell in love with it. (Amy, sorry you had to wait about a whole year for me to make it for you at last)
A little closer detail.

I bought a plain scoop neck tee-shirt at Target. Then got out my "donated to me" packs of white twill tape from the 1970's. Yes, really....the date was stamped on there  : ). At least they're getting used now!

I used THIS TUTORIAL from Sutton Grace (one of my favorite bloggers) to make my rose bunches from. To create a set of three, I just kept twirling that twill tape into different swirls of flower buds.

I made two sets of three flower bunches, then hand sewed them onto the right side of the shirt.

And here's how it looked when completed. Not an exact replica/knock-off, but.....

......she liked it! Happy Birthday, Amy!