December 10, 2011

Still Waiting.

                                   for this man to come home. My Man! It will be very soon he tells me....

I'm getting VERY excited! Ok, I've been excited for months, and now it's almost here!

Longing for more than just a visit with him, but we will make every moment count.

So, while I'm still waiting, I stayed a little busy bee yesterday....

I watched our little guy dump out all his clothes from the dresser. twice.

I helped my sister make a larger size of "Robin" costume for her son.

I have a window (with WOOD trim in my the shower), that was seriously cracking. My paint job from last year needed touched
I layed on some joint compound. Then some primer. Then some semi-gloss paint sealer. It was getting late. I know I look tired in this picture, but the job was pretty easy.

And here's my newly coated bathroom shower window ledge.

During Nathan's morning nap I made another baby sling, using the free Karma Baby Wrap Directions. My simplest one to make yet!

This hippo fabric was from Ikea.

And it was so easy, that I made a second one out of an Ikea fleece blanket. The flannel bird print is from JoAnns (leftover from a pj making project) last year.

These two slings are the most comfortable I've tried EVER. And I've tried about 7 different ones so far. This baby wrap is my new favorite. The ones on Karma Baby sell for an incredible $50-75! Ahh!

And I checked this book out from our library a few weeks ago. Love it!

And just got around to tracing some patterns out of it this morning! Loving the envelope tee and the simple pocket pants! Nathan will have some soon!

So, while I'm still waiting for My Beloved to come home, I just still had to talk with you all. I hope you are still out there!

Merry Christmas! Only 15 days left to go!


  1. I appreciate that you said "helped my sister"! I am cracking up! More like, did the ENTIRE thing for her!!!
    Can't believe you got all that done!!


  2. Adorable slings, that hippo fabric is crazy cute! I would love to make some of those, do you have the link to the directions you used?

  3. Thanks, Ada... I had thought that link was gone, but I found it again today for the free sling pattern and linked above to it! They are so fast to make. I'm sure you'll love making them too!