January 1, 2012

Dollar Tree Mantle Makeover

Happy New Year to all of you! I spent my Sunday,at church, asking my friends if they stayed up to watch the ball drop, or if they were in bed by that time. : ) I ended up being awake for the New Year, but only due to getting lost in a craft I was doing for an upcoming baby shower.   Hope you all had a very nice time with family and friends this year, and many special memories!

Inspired by the New Years, here is a holiday-ish inspired simple craft....

 I picked up these 6 supplies from Dollar Tree: 2 sets of plastic pearls, 1 package of red taper candles, 1 package of emergency candles, and two different sized glass vases.
First, place the candle upright in your clear vase.

Lay the pearls into the glass, around the candle.

Repeat with each container.

Here's how mine turned out.

And here they are on my mantle. The mirror is from my grandma, painted yellow. The other glass container has glass beads from my retired (and cleaned) fish tank. And the painting was done by my oldest sister, Julie, back in high school.

I like them very much. And only $6.00....even cheaper, or free, if you have these items already around your house!  You could also just change the bead color to correspond to the current holiday.

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