January 5, 2012

Ready for Winter with Homemade

 While Steven was home, he gifted us with the installation of new lighting in our loft area/craft room. I can now see to sew properly, and will no longer, to be sure, sew Nathan a pair of pants inside out! Ha ha (yes, it did actually happen). While he installed the lights overhead, I grabbed this sweater I had felted from Goodwill about 3 months ago, and sewed a little.

Note: To make a garment feel and act like "felt", you buy/use a 100% wool sweater (from the thrift store); Put it in the washing machine with really hot water, and dry in drier on hot. It will shrink. I promise. You can even do it twice. This is one method for felting (as I used). The other way is to use dish soap and bubblewrap, but I have never attempted this, as it takes longer to do.

 Here's what I made Nathan out of the sweater. The pants and hat will keep him toasty warm through the winter, and well, he'll look extra cute in them too!

The hat is cut in a semicircle out of the bottom edging of the sweater. The pant legs are made from the sleeves. Remember the pants I made for Nathan at 3 months old? Or the other easy sweater hat?

These make great gifts and is also a great way to recycle those old sweaters before you give them away!

If you are interested in a tutorial on this, please just let me know!


  1. the kids and I are getting the screen wet from kissing him!!!! Love him!


  2. Super cute! I would love to see a tutorial on those pants if you've got the time! Thanks for sharing.