February 26, 2012

Is it Spring or Winter?

I have been asking myself this question lately as I see signs of spring all around me here where we live in Ohio. I am confused. Some days have been warm (up to the low 60s), and some days are still blistery cold (like today). But, I mainly ask, because my Iris' decided to come up already. Are they confused too, I wonder?

Looking ahead to spring, for me, means freedom to be outside more and yes, the ability to do more projects...outside! Here's a current look around my rented property (but I treat it like my own), and some words I have to share with my landscape:

 You are so awesome, brick!  Where did you come from, I wonder? You must have quite a story to tell! I can't wait for you to come out of hiding and be displayed for all to see!
Stairs: you will have something to look forward to....I'm thinking potted plants & flowers would look good ascending your stairs!
 And tall grass:  you will be coming up and being replaced with a beautifully flowered bed instead for you to make grow.
I love you, brick porch. I can't wait to see you accented with some ferns and ledge flower boxes to welcome spring with pops of rich color!
I will wash you, vinyl siding. You have lasted up under some harsh weather, and I'm thankful for your protection.
Front porch: I love your expanse. I will bring in a comfortable bench, a sitting chair, a rug, and a plant stand. And then color will pour in from freshly hung and planted flowers! And in time, people will want to come linger in your space, and drink their morning coffee!
Front Porch Ceiling: your paint is still good, but you need a new light. One to say welcome, and brighten everyone's way. Maybe a globe or a lantern will do?
Front yard: you are my "curb appeal." But, don't worry, little bushes, you still fit in with the rest of the neighborhood : ). I will give you friends and flowers and fresh mulch soon!
And willow tree: I will be very sad to let you go, but your beauty and life have faded away.
And mystery grass: it is now your time to leave too.
Lamb's Ear: I don't know where you came from, but I'd love you to stay. I will carefully uproot you and plant you in a new home to stay for awhile.
Backyard: You are so plain. But, I'm thankful to have you! Soon you will be home to a vertical garden and a sweet young boy to come play with you!
And side yard: I have big plans for you too! There will be vines on your trellises, and a french bistro and twinkle lights to make for a romantic evening outside.
Shed & Fence: I know you aren't pretty, but you've come a long way from where you've been.
And yard: just be patient. Changes are coming.
Wild Weed: I will miss your fragrant flowers and white buds, but you don't really belong there. It's been a love/hate relationship, at best, but we must separate.

So, landscape, I write you these words to say, spring IS coming, and I won't tarry long at paying more attention to you. Your owner has taken amiable care of you, but now it is my turn and pleasure to make you even better than you ever thought you could be. I am so excited to care for you and to make you beautiful again! Thank you for being patient with me, while I've worked on getting the inside just the way I want it. We all know that the heart is the most important thing to work on, and to have reflect it's Maker. What's on the outside is just the polish.
So, till we can be together again soon,

February 19, 2012

6 Days of Pinterest #4-6

 You know. Things don't always work out. Like this post idea. So, instead of dragging it out further with a post I didn't really plan all out correctly, I'm just going to cap this one off here, and move on. I have just a TON of stuff to share with you, and I am getting behind!  : ) But, then again, you didn't know that, did you?

Pinterest Project # 4:
Homemade Goldfish Crackers (or gold bears, in my case):
 To me, they didn't really taste like real goldfish crackers, but they were very yummy! My one year old loved them too! Will definitely make them again!

Pinterest Project #5: Tissue Paper Pompoms
I made these easy pompoms for 2 January parties I hosted HERE.... 
 and HERE:

Pinterest Projects #6 to whatever.
 I had perfected these bathtub crayons in my post HERE.
 And I loved these wax paper hearts from THIS idea.
And THIS idea is on my Pin Board too. I did do it, and LOVE my new soap dispensers! So fancy!
So, you know I love Pinterest right now! Thank you Amy and Sidney for getting me hooked! It's a wealth of knowledge and never-ending crafts for me! I love it and I hope you do too!

Click HERE to see all of the awesome Pinterest-Inspired projects my sister has completed! You will be inspired by hers for sure!

Happy Pinning All!

February 18, 2012

6 Days of Pinterest #3

Fabric Storage 

I loved THIS idea from Pinterest VERY much! I have an overflowing abundance of fabric. I've been sewing so much, that a lot of it is scrap-sized now. Which....leads to a disorganized, big mess.
This is my art/sewing/everything else space in our finished loft area. I have one half, and my very creative hubby has the other side filled with his paper models, train sets, and aircraft models. I was on the lookout for a bookcase that would fit horizontally in this narrow space near the A-frame roof. Thankfully, my Mom had an extra bookcase that she didn't need anymore. Turns out...it fit perfectly, and I found out my Dad had built it a long time ago. How extra great is that!
 I just love it. And I spent about an hour folding up all those little scraps! Nathan tried to pull it down today, but I stopped him just in time! Oooohhh...all that work!
 For more storage of those special fabrics like my silk weights, tulle, fur, diaper fabric/PUL, and felt, I nested some decorator-storage boxes, and it worked out just perfectly!

And, just for fun.....
I thought I would show you this:

 This WAS our art/craft room, before our Nathan was born. Steven and I would spend about 90% of our days in this craft room, working hard and having a ton of fun creating!!! In full craft-mode, this is how messy my side of the room would get. I know what you're thinking....and, you're right! But, don't you know that creative people are usually messy? : )
But, when I finally would clean it up, and have a lull in my project list, this is what it would look like. Back to orderly. I do miss the light that poured into this room on my workspace, but it sure is a fine bedroom now for our little guy (and still us parents temporarily)... See what this space looks like HERE now. 

Could you use an extra bookcase on it's side for extra storage? It would work great for anything....kids toys, in the basement, in the garage....and if you painted the bookcase black or white, it could look very pretty in your living room, like the one from Pinterest! Happy re-purposing everyone!

February 17, 2012

6 Days of Pinterest #2


From this:
 To this:
 To this:

So simple. Just love it! And...it was free! Pinterest idea HERE on my board. (Just ask for the hangers next time you buy pants at the store... I found it easiest to just bend the ends back, making the clips just snap off).
Let there be no excuses for stale chips again!  : )

February 16, 2012


I pinned THIS idea on my Pinterest Board, which led me to THIS blog.

I followed all most of her directions. I started with the TRAMPA rug from Ikea for $9.00.
It has a very high and thick pile. Perfect for my front door. Shouldn't blow away like my last one, or two.

I don't really have a proper word processor on my laptop, so I was unable to do it the "easy way" and print out my font big enough to use as a stencil. So, guess what? I had to draw it larger myself.

I usually don't struggle with lettering, but this time getting it right was a chore. And since I couldn't seem to get it perfect, I gave up and just used it anyways.

Thank you, Amy, who has everything I need (and vice versa) just across the street....for the black spray paint to finish my project.
 In the basement I laid down my stencil, used painters tape to hold my stencil down on the rug, and covered the rest in newspaper.
 And I sprayed it. twice.
 And, well...good enough.
 I love it.
And I even think I've gotten a few people to chuckle as they come to my front door! Now that is what I was going for! Thank you, Pinterest! Are you following me on there yet????? Sign up in my sidebar...and wait two weeks, or give me your email below, or on facebook, and I'll "invite" you! Happy Pinning!

February 14, 2012

My Valentine!

 A few days ago I received a large box in the mail. I was excited and surprised to receive a gift just for me! And my husband, who is serving so faithfully in Afghanistan, had the love and thoughtfulness to chose a gift and have it mailed to me to enjoy by Valentine's Day. He is truly my sweet man! We will be married 8 years this July, and he is still every bit as loving and thoughtful as the day I married him! I love you, Steven!
Now to take that leisure bath, while my little sleeps. uninterrupted. hopefully.
Thank you so much, my Beloved! I love you more than you'll ever know!

A few pictures from Valentine's Day here "behind the scenes" of a party my Mom and I threw for my wonderful nephews and niece! What a party!!!! Be watching my sister's blog, TUNE MY HEART, for how the rest of the party went. There were "hearts" galore, and lots of happy children!
The decorations (thank you, Amy!) showing through in the morning sunrise. I saw it and went, "Aww!"
2 boxes of crayons grated to do THIS craft project.
It turned out great! They looked even better the next morning in the light! I also made THESE. So easy to make, but I didn't take a picture or string them up. I just threw them at the kids : )!

And how was your Valentine's Day? Funny, we haven't celebrated Valentine's Day much in the past, but it has given me an excuse to take an extra moment to focus even more on the ones I love, and to say thank you! I love you all!

And ...I completely dove into Pinterest this past week to steal some Valentine's Day craft ideas, like the one above. Stay tuned for even more DAYS FILLED WITH PINTEREST.

February 8, 2012

Back To Sewing.

I feel like I've taken somewhat of a craft-only binge lately, neglecting my sewing machine for a few weeks. Could be due to my recent addiction to Pinterest? If you've been on Pinterest, you completely understand. If not, give it a try off to the right there in my sidebar! You'll be on there for hours!

So, I have been sewing behind the scenes and even burning the midnight oil on occasion. And here's some things that I have been working on....

 A giraffe rattle from Lotta Jansdotter's book, Simple Sewing For Baby.  LOVE.this.book! I've made lots more of these cuties at one time. See HERE. To me, they each seem to have a personality all their own!

 And made 3 bibs (so far) for some friend's baby showers.
Patterns: The top 2 bibs are Lotta Jansdotters (pink and red) design. Out of same book as above.
The bottom one: Simplicity 2924, view F
Fabrics: Top pink one: Hobby Lobby: Red one: Ikea; Bird one: Hobby Lobby.

And I'm still in the middle of a "learning" project for me:
...making fabric training pants for my nephew. So, I'm figuring out how to do this pattern correctly, how to sew knits (for the first time without being scared), figuring out how absorption principles coincide with fabric choices, and helping out my sister and nephew at the same time: PRICELESS!

Here is how my first trainer came out:

Pretty darn cute! But it only won an award for best nap time-only pull-up, after trials. What will work for those overnights? Hmm... the pattern says bamboo fleece and Zorb. "What are those," I said???? Well, who knows, but I just ordered them online from Wazoodle. Yea for online shopping! Anyone else have any other suggestions out there?

Pull-up/Snap trainer pattern I used HERE....so worth the $10 download!  

And if you have been scared to sew with knits, too, as I have, check out this series of KNIT-erviews on Made By Rae. You'll suddenly have a lot more confidence! I now own a walking foot and stretch needles. Who knew? All those years I could have sewn beautiful knit garments! : )