March 12, 2012

A Carrier Cover

 Since I made one of these for Nathan before he was born, I have been in love with this idea! I used mine all. the. time. The cover kept my little guy warm, kept rain, wind, and the sun off his face, and became one of my favorite sewn items I used for him. This one was made for a friend, and obviously for a little girl. And, I love how it came out!
 How this project came together was really a blessing from the Lord, really. When I wanted to make it for my friend, I had all of the matrials, even the flower and buttons! The project all came together so quickly, that I was even amazed.
 The flower, at this point, was just a hair clip from Hobby Lobby, but I liked how cute it looked as a girly accent in the corner!
 And i got to use one of my fancy edging stitches to topstitch around the cover. So cute!
 Here is the stitch detail up close.
And, before I make you think I'm so wonderful....I'm not. This design I copied from this tutorial HERE. And HERE was Erin's first cover that I fell in love with! It's very simple to make for anyone...It's one yard of fabric on each side, corners rounded off with a dinner plate, topstitched, and 2 pieces for the ties that are rectangles with velcro. Even if you are a beginner sewer, you should try this!

I used flannel for the top, purchased 2 years ago at JoAnns, and white microfleece for the underside, also from JoAnns.

And because I apparently never posted photos of the carrier cover I made for Nathan, here it is (pulled out of our basement storage...wrinkles and all....haha..:

fabric here from Ikea. Where else? : )

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