April 26, 2012

What I do best.

 About two months ago I found this awesome picnic basket at a local antique/flea market store in hopes that Steven & I will be taking Nathan on many a summer picnic soon!!!!

 I also picked up this vintage looking Waverly berries print at the same antique store. I folded it in half, sewed up three sides, then turned it inside out, and topstitched to make the perfect picnic blanket. Or you could use instructions from THIS book (also a fav of mine)!
 I then made a PICNIC ROLL out of one of my favorite craft/sewing books, The Rhythm of Family by Amanda Blake Soule, page 117. (Hint: Check it out from the library. You'll love it!)

The mismatched silverware I picked up at Goodwill, and the orange cloth napkins and orange pocket on the picnic roll were made from table runner fabric I picked up at Ikea at Christmas time last year. I think it will all do very nicely. Yes, it will.
 I made a baby bonnet for a friend. This was my second one. My first one was white eyelet on the outside, and baby pink on the inside. Just lovely! I bought & used this incredible pattern from HERE, it being an instant PDF download. I was excited how easy and quick it was, and oh, how adorable! This may be my new go-to-making gift for baby showers!
 outside view.
 Oh, yes, it's reversible too! This is the inside.

Do you like my head bust display? Haha....compliments of my wardrobe job in Florida a few years ago : )!
 This spice rack was gifted from my sister, Amy, who so creatively had my nephews clay displayed on it recently. See it before HERE on her blog. And her new version HERE.  I immediately fell in love with it as well, and envisioned it holding Steven & I's herbal loose teas. I guess my sister and I have similar creative visions & tastes!!!
 I spray painted it. Well, twice. First, red....didn't like it, then black. Just perfect now. And then a little sanding (I liked how Amy had it looking before like this). Saving all those baby food jars paid off, as they worked out to be just right for the shelves.
 It's hung between the kitchen and dining room, looks pretty, and will be easy access for Steven and I to enjoy and create exhilarating combinations of fresh tea concoctions!

And I made another batch of homemade laundry soap. So easy and cheap! Love this stuff! See my post HERE on how to make it yourself.
A quick view of what my sewing area has looked like for the past two months...messy as usual. So many projects going on up there at the same time! That whole stack of fabric there on the floor is all intended to be something great!
And I finally cleaned up Steven's art desk and his side of our craft room. So looking forward to his return in about three short weeks! Woohoo!
 I love Rae's patterns, and can't seem to stop buying them. I'm a real sucker for easy patterns that actually work! This is her itty bitty baby dress (HERE for free on her blog). Her pattern for it was only made for an infant, so I worked to make it larger for a friend's one year old. I drafted a mock-up pattern with some muslin, and fortunately Nathan was the perfect model to create a good fit (just don't tell his Daddy I had him in a dress.....Shh!!!!).

 and I think I'm hat crazy now. I just love how cute my son looks in them! I used THIS free pattern online, and made some adjustments to size it down so my 15 month old could wear it. His Easter hat HERE was my first, and now this one. I have plans in the works and a fat quater of fabric washed & ready to make a third. I'm just amazed that I can get Nathan to even leave his hat on!

And lastly, for now, here is a peak at some fabric soon to become a pair of Treasure Pocket Pants (pants blogged about HERE) for Nathan. I checked Sewing For Boys out from the library two months ago, and am just now getting around to sewing them. But, am very excited!!! At least that yellow fabric in the middle got made into clothes for Easter already. lol.

In my creative brain, I'm always backed up on projects. But that's a good thing, right?

So much fun around here lately....getting together with well loved friends and spending treasured time with family! And enjoying every minute!

Lots and lots of preparations are going on around this house for an incredible husband and beloved Daddy to come home in just a few short weeks! There has been garden tending, basement & closet cleanings, and daily meal menu preparations going on just to start. My mind is already quite taken away with expectations of his soon return. I can't wait! :)

April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

Boy, it was a good day! I hope you all had the same blessings on your Easter today!
 Our day started with a discovery of what Easter grass is, and a hunt for plastic eggs in our living room. Nathan enjoyed finding them and eating the single chocolate chip that I hid inside each one.
 And then, he found more chocolate!
And he got into his Mommy-made Easter basket. Upon reflecting, I think I made his Easter basket too large....does this mean I will have to fill it with sizeable gifts each year, or just add in more grass? Lol!
 Then we got ready and put on our new clothes. Here was Nathan's completed outfit.

 Inspired by THIS design. The blue velour fabric used here was leftover fabric from 25+ years ago. I originally had a favorite stuffed sheep made out of the same fabric. It's lasted a long time!

I used a white jersey knit from a men's 3XL shirt I picked up at Walmart a month ago on clearance for just $3. I'm sure I can make several shirts out of that for him. T-shirt pattern cut from a tee Nathan wears now.
 I love this Oliver+S pattern for his pants! Simply in love! Maybe Nathan will get the matching sailboat top made for him this summer.
 And I made this jean jacket for him at the last minute (seriously....from 11:30pm-1:30am Sat night). I am a crazy Mommy who aparently will give up sleep any day to sew something special just for my son. or to show off. or, well, both.  I self-drafted a pattern from a well-fitted shirt Nathan currently wears, and the material was upcycled from a donated pair of my brother-in-laws' jeans! I also made a hat from these jeans too, a few days ago, but didn't care for it much, so we're not showcasing that one today. I told you not everything I do works out : )!

 And a very pieced together hat. I squeezed out every last inch of that yellow fabric to get this hat made. Barely made it. This is the best side. The back brim is definitely pieced together. The lining material is leftover from the t-shirt above. Free hat pattern on my Pinterest Board for toddlers.

And then we went to Grandma & Grandpas. And then to Great Grandma & Grandpas. And there was lots of food. Lots of great family. And a wonderful egg hunt!

Nathan's cousins were VERY helpful at helping Nathan get eggs this year. He only had to find one. Then he sat down next to his basket, and his cousins ran around and collected the rest for him. So pampered!

Best moment: Watching Ben collect all his eggs, realizing that Nathan only had one, and then seeing that Ben was giving all his eggs to Nathan. I about cried. What a kind and gentle heart Ben has!

And I let my son eat A LOT of chocolate! I think he would have eaten it even with the foil wrappers still on. Man does my kid love chocolate! Wonder where he got that from?

 Posing in our Easter best with my wonderful sister, Amy!

My Grandpa Del Yoho. Love him!

 Mommy and her little amazing man!

Oh, P.S.....this is the dress I made for myself. I did make the time afterall. It turned out pretty good, though I may still make a few adjustments before adding it officially into my summer wardrobe. I used the bodice ("top") pattern from my wedding dress, and the bottom is just gathered in the round. Zipper down the back.

Thank you, Ben, for making funny faces at Nathan so that he'd actually smile for this picture! And to Amy for taking some great pictures!

And Nathan got carried around. And loved it a lot! In fact, he really didn't want me all day. He preferred my mom, my sister, and his cousins. They are wonderful...I totally understand!

Nathan with his awesome Great Grandparents, Del & Louise.

Such special, special memories I will cherish forever.

Happy Resurrection Day everyone!

Thank you, Lord, for my salvation.
for my family.
for my friends.

I love you all!