May 28, 2012

Our Friend is Published!

      I am absolutely ecstatic to introduce you today to a close friend of ours, David Henderson! I am bringing you special tidings about the book he has just had published! David has written a book called Nephilim the Remnants. It's awesome! To tell you a little more about it, I interviewed David, so that now, you too, can have an insiders look!

 I was so excited to get my first copy and now Steven and I have his ebook on our Nooks too!

...And now for the interview.....

1. What is a Nephilim and what is your book about?
     – A Nephilim (nef-il-eem) is the offspring of a human woman and a fallen angel. They were known to be of great size and strength. The Bible says in Genesis 6:4 that they “...were the heroes of old, men of renown.” The book Nephilim the Remnants is a story of faith, betrayal, and sacrifice. It is a fictional story set in the medieval lands of Lore of which the main hero and villains are descendants of these mighty Nephilim from biblical times.

2. How did you come up with the idea for Nephilim the Remnants?
     – The Bible is where I first came across these beings known as the Nephilim. I based the main characters in my book off of their descendants. The Nephilim are mentioned only a few times in the Bible but seem to have such an underlying presence. The Nephilim seem to be linked to one of the reasons for the earth wide flood in Genesis.

3. What has been your favorite part in seeing your book come together?
     – My favorite part is seeing the final product, Nephilim the Remnants, as a printed book. It’s no longer just a dream in my mind, it’s a tangible reality. I can pick up the book, flip through the pages and share it with others to enjoy.

4. What has been your favorite part about writing the book? The most challenging?
   – My favorite part of writing Nephilim the Remnants was being able to express the creativity God has given me. Being able to give abstract thoughts and ideas life. The most challenging part was that I originally wrote this story as a movie script and then had to go through the process of re-writing it into a book format.

5. What do you hope your readers get out of reading your book the most?
   – The single most important thing about Nephilim the Remnants is– the experience. You don’t just read the story, you experience it. The reader will feel apart of the story as they walk along side the Nephilim and mortal characters. They will discover truths in and about themselves that will take them beyond the book itself and into their own personal life.
6. Can you share with us a little bit about yourself?
   – I have my degree in Graphic Design, I am married to my amazing wife of 13 years, and have 3 wonderful boys. I enjoy spending time with my family, playing with my boys, studying the Bible, & walks through the neighborhood. I also enjoy the creative arts- music, drawing, and painting. As a Christian I believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior and attend church at Christian Life Center with my family where my wife and I help in co-leading the youth.

Enticed? Excited!!!! Want to see more? Check out his BOOK TRAILER here:

David A. Henderson-Nephilim the Remnants

And then check out more on his web site & buy a copy for yourself here:

Thank you, David! I greatly enjoyed reading your book! So captivating the whole way through! I appreciate you sharing today with all my wonderful readers about all that God is doing!  A huge congratulations on being published and even appearing front page in the local news!!!

We are so thankful for your family, blessed by your friendship, and so moved by this wonderful journey that God is laying out before you! We are so excited to be attending your book launch party this coming Sunday, and are just thrilled to celebrate with you!


May 18, 2012

Has it been that long?

Hello, my friends and readers! I have missed you these last few weeks. I think about you all way more often than I write and keep up on here now. But, I promise to come out of hibernation at times and keep you in the loop on what's going on in the Hoover household here!

My BIGGEST news, of course, is my Beloved husband has finally returned from his tour in Afghanistan. Finally! We are ALL relieved and way more at peace now. He flew home Sunday and had a great welcoming home from my family! My sister wrote a wonderful tribute HERE on her blog. (Thanks, Amy!)

So, what did I get done & completed before Steven made it home this week?.....

I got some closet cleaning done:

I finished the pink and green dress on the right (but this is the "before" picture):

I made Nathan a pair of Pocket Treasure Pants from Sewing for Boys (from the library):
... and just look at how much longer I had to make them than his EASTER pants I sewed for him just a month ago!

I made a baby dress for my friend's 4th newborn from Rae's original (free) Itty Bitty Baby Dress pattern: (P.S.....this dress used to be a woman's skirt. I love to upcycle!)

And I bought some Pebeo Porcelaine markers at Michaels and attempted to make Steven some Wallace and Gromit mugs. The real ones look like THIS. Mine, well, didn't come out super great, but he did like them.

...and since I've hardly been cooking any meals this last year, a 3 week meal plan was created for us all to eat from. Week one almost over, and I already feel that I never leave the kitchen or finish doing dishes. Ha! But, I'm just very thankful and grateful that I have someone to cook for again!

We have already been busy bees here this week with Daddy home. There has been lots of laughing, lots of "getting to know you again" moments, some shopping done, a new, small pool set up in the backyard, grapevine and blueberry bushes planted (by Steven), a grill bought, set-up, and grilled on (by Steven), and a new (but old) tv show series started to view (Farscape) by the both of us. We are very happy and more important, thankful to the Lord for bringing him back home safe! Thank you all for praying for us!!!

Now with 2 crafty Hoovers, and their cute kid, back together again, you know there will be even more crafts and projects going on around here! I'm currently working on making over Nathan's Baby rocking chair, and Steven is about to create handmade trellises for our backyard! Yea!

Love you all!