July 6, 2012

A Little Sewing

Just finished up and mailed a few projects to a friend. After the last 5 weeks of not getting together together with my sewing machine, I was really missing it! These were her favorite bibs for her daughter, and so I made her more. Some of the fabric is from upcycled garments, and the purple terry cloth is from Ikea. The pattern is Butterick#5220.

An idea sent to me from a friend off of Pinterest: the BAPRON (baby apron). She thought I might like the FREE pattern online, and boy was she right! Thanks,  Jen! They were really easy, and oh, so cute!!!!!

The polka dot fabric is from JoAnns, the white tery from an Ikea towel, and the red and stripped cotton from Ikea as well.

Great tutorial and free pattern to download HERE! Another go-to baby gift from me I'm thinking in the near future!

And I was so excited to make my first-ever baby sleeper for a friend. I had already had this pattern for a few years, and so was excited to actually get to use it. It was pretty simple, and I had fun making it. My serger sure gave those edges such a clean, professional look!

I think I may be making Nathan a few (with legs & feet) for this winter!

And a few months back I had taken an old t-shirt of mine and sized it down for my little tot. Very cute! I think it looks better on him!

And right now, this multicam jacket (the one Daddy just wore while in Afghanistan) is being made into a toddler backpack for our little guy! Oooh....can't wait! Going to go work on it now!

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  1. I'm so glad you have this creative outlet. You are amazing! I so enjoy seeing what new thing you have come up with!Love you hon.