September 29, 2012

Project End.

I've had the opportunity lately to finish up some projects around here, and make some special gifts for some close friends:
Assembly of a wedding present:

An Ikea chair painted & upholstered (finally).

A baby sleeper (this is for Ellie, Gina):

A tooth monster:

An appliqued bag.

And another personalized Pillow Friend.


A project Steven's been rehabing: A 1960's German-made cuckoo clock.

So beautiful....Nathan & love seeing the bird come out and chirp on the hour!

And some news:
Nathan is loving to help us cook in the kitchen now (he's made salad, salsa and pancakes already), and helps out around the house by operating our swiffer sweeper all by himself! We are just amazed!

And, while I don't mean to surprise all of my wonderful readers, this blog post will be my last. Yes, really, this time. I just don't want to squeeze it into my schedule anymore. The crafts will continue to be sure. Anything "worthy of showing off" I'm sure will land on my facebook page as a photo or album. If you're not my friend already on there, just click HERE, and comment "Joy2Sew" in your friend request.

Thank you all for a wonderful nearly three years on here! You all are so wonderful for tuning in and encouraging me so often in all my creative endeavors! I have loved every minute! I will leave my blog open for now, just in case there was anything you ever needed to look up that I shared about in the past.

Thank you, again, with all my heart, for sharing life with my family and I. It was a pleasure!!!

September 19, 2012

Quest for Color.

Last week, I had the privilege of speaking with my friend, Gina, over the phone. She told me they were currently undergoing a "repainting" of almost their whole house. I hung up the phone with her and suddenly I was motivated in a whole new way to repaint my living room. I guess I was jealous. Why have I put up with boring walls for almost two years anyways? Steven and I started "experimenting" with color that next day. And so, our quest for color began.....

Amy let me borrow some orange paint she had leftover from her awesome kitchen renovation HERE! Thanks, Amy, for the paint!!! We then started mixing with, white, more orange. Just not right yet. Steven said to add some yellow. There you go. Just perfect now.

 So many, many samples later, we found one that would work. I took our sample to Lowe's and had them color match our special paint. They did a great job! We loved it!
 I brought the paint home at 11:00am. By 11:30, I was trimming all the windows, doorways, and baseboards with my angled brush, while our little man played happily nearby on his train table. Mommy may just let him get away with extra stuff while she paints.haha.

 Before: (the walls sporting a very boring "cappuccino" color, that I painted when I was 7 months pregnant with Nathan). Yes, I am crazy. I'd do it again, too.

 Starting to trim out the room, and cover nail holes that I was painting over:

 Joy's tricks of painting:
#1) Use two inside out grocery bags to cover your paint tray. You'll never have to wash it out again. And it = a quick cleanup.

 #2) If my painting takes longer than one day, which is usually always does, I keep my roller and brush from drying out by placing it in a plastic bag, with the air pressed out. If you're going to finish your painting job in a week or month, then you can place your brush or roller in the freezer at this point. Overnight for a day or two at room temp in the plastic works wonders for me.
 #3) I really never cover the floor with drop cloth (unless I'm doing a ceiling). All this painting experience later I've learned how to coat the roller evenly so that it doesn't drip or spray me, or the floor. I just roll the roller evenly at the high end of the paint tray back and forth until I have an even amount of paint covering the whole thing (wet, but not dripping).

And what our room looks like now: I put some of the decor back, but I'm still contemplating to curtain or not, and some new wall decorations in the near future.

For now, we are exceedingly happy living in color now! We are in this room most of the time, and so we wanted it to feel more cozy and warm. And thank you, Gina, for painting your house, so that I can finally get the motivation to paint my own!!!

September 12, 2012

Lately at our house we are...


..... enjoying toy reminders of our little one around, watching him grow and develop more each day.
..... getting our slippers out of storage, preparing to warm those toes on soon to come cool, fall mornings.
..... finishing up some painting projects outside, before its too cold to complete more in the sun.
..... adding finishing touches to some handmade items to give as gifts soon. Oh, be still, my creative   heart!
..... have bought some awesome new ART to hang in Nathan's room (a.k.a...our bedroom too for now). So in love!!!!
..... partaking in some delicious homemade cheese (made by Steven).  We can't keep those little hands from it! So delicious!!!
..... realizing that these items have not left our counter for about two weeks now....and lots of tea.
..... treasuring sweet moments together, especially those spent coloring with chalk for the first time.
.....laughing at our son's favorite past time...playing in the sink. forever.
..... continuing canning of some pears (from my Grandparent's backyard orchard) and pickling some cucumbers (from my sister's garden) to prepare for winter hibernation around here : ).
..... eating delicious, tummy-comforting food, made from scratch. A lot of it. (Wedding soup & homemade Texas Roadhouse Rolls (or...on my Pinterest board) with Steven's orange butter spread). Simply YUM!

Steven, Nathan & I hope you are feeling loved, are loving others, and enjoying sweet moments with your family this week.