December 29, 2012

Christmas 2011 ~ Rewind

I decided it would be fun to look back at last year's Christmas and see just what all was going on here for our family. And then a more specific look at what crafts I made or sewed to give out to friends and family. Compared to this year's craftin', I'd say I didn't do much "homemaking" last year. But, to be fair, last year my husband was deployed and I had our cute little one who was around 9-10months old during that season. So, giving myself a break, I guess I got a lot made for that situation. Indeed. Let's take a look.....
~In The Family ~

We visited a local airplane museum (while he was home from Afghanistan on leave), so Steven could donate one of his
spectacular paper models for them to display.

I just love this one of Daddy holding his Nathan!
A quiet moment at home, getting re-acquainted with Daddy.

And somehow in the short time he was home, Steven & I made these cool borax ornaments for our tree. They came out so much better than we expected! See my post about how to do them easily HERE.

And we ended up with quite a few!

Additionally, we started our very own advent calendar too! Steven found this book at Hallmark, and it has detachable ornaments in it. We collaborated on a design idea that would hold the ornaments and then headed to the hardware store.

S used three pieces of poplar wood and constructed them in pyramid-like fashion, with a wooden crossbar at the bottom so that it could be folded and stored. We painted each strip of wood green with some watered down acrylic paint. Then he added the brass hooks and the metal star (found at a craft store). He did this amazingly fast!


~ The Crafted Presents~

**Disclaimer: Some of these pictures are very low quality, taken by a very ameteur photographer (ME) last year. I was still
trying to learn how to take proper blog photos. And frankly, some of these are terrible...BUT, I still wanted you to see them! So, hope you can overlook that teeny weeny little error! Thanks!!!
A Joy Bag for a friend. Material: JoAnns.

 I SPY BAGS for my nephew.

 Another Joy Bag, customized for my sister.

 A heart shaped heating pad for my grandma. (filled with rice and lavender buds)...I can give
you a tutorial later if you desire...VERY easy!
 A silky eye pillow for my grandma.

 A Robin outfit and shorts made from a red and green adult sized t-shirts from Michaels. And some gold felt.
This costume was so well loved that it got holes from constant wear. Needing to make another one soon! Sorry, no pattern
used here, but my sister's wonderful idea! She even made him a cape to match!
 My over-crowded, gift-making/buffet station. I put the sugar scrub in the paper gift bags for friends, along with chocolate
dipped pretzel rods, and also made fabric bags filled with homemade gifts for other friends.
 Not a present, but in late November last year I made N this pair of pants and hat out of a thrifted sweater. This year
the hat still fits.... well, kinda.
And not a present either, but this was a dollar-store mantle makeover for Christmas. Simple fun.


A great look back at our family Christmas last year. I was so thankful that Steven was able to take his leave over Christmas 2011. What a blessing! This Christmas, however, we held on tightly to him in thankfulness, having full, happy hearts that he had nowhere to go back to except to just be home with us. Priceless.

Hope you enjoyed my family & craft review, because with my next post I won't delay in sharing with you all of the delightful ways I was able to bring more homemade to the Christmas celebrating this year! Ooh, how I can't wait to show you! Keep checking in and thank you so much for reading!



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