January 20, 2013

N's 2nd birthday

a monkey for his FIRST birthday.

a train for his SECOND birthday.

(And the back: adjustable with elastic band)

What a fabulous party! What a wonderful time celebrating our incredible son turning TWO! Wow, we can hardly believe how fast he's growing up! We served a brunch spread and had our friends come at 10am. Steven and I are so incredibly blessed to have the greatest friends in the whole world (we think so anyways)! Many of our closest friends came, and though it was quite cozy in that house of ours, it was filled up with so much love, friendship, joy and celebration! Thank you all for coming! You made our day so incredibly special, and made our little guy feel so special and loved too! A huge thank you!!!! We love you!

  • We themed the party out in a mixture of Planes, Cars & Trains.
  • My awesome friend, Johanna, made and personalized the incredible invitations, labels, and printable PDF's that I used in my decorations all around the house! Thank you, Johanna! Just amazing!
  • I made most of my decorations using fabric scraps I cut out in greens, blues, and oranges. I just fed the strips through my machine in a row and sewed up a quick garland. 
  • I used some twine and Johanna's printable birthday labels to add to my garland. 
  • For the kid adventures, we used Nathan's train table, his car ball pit, his tunnel, and his ride-on Thomas train. Steven set up the Hoover Tunnel for the kids to ride under. It was a huge hit!!! Steven also had the idea to make the RR crossing sign. He put it together and I decorated it. Oh, my brilliant and creative man! 
  • We didn't have a cake. We don't really care for cake that much, so Nathan's birthday "cake" was a cheesecake. One of his favorites! 
  • Nathan REALLY enjoyed blowing out his candle. I think we re-lit it about 40 times that day. Literally. 
  • We set up a photo-op corner (my sister's great idea) with a blue sheet and felt clouds, with the ride-on airplane in front. We took photos of all of Nathan's friends riding the airplane. His friends are such a treasure! 
  • We are so thankful for all of the thoughtful gifts given in love! Nathan is having a stellar time with them all! 
  • I started Nathan's Waldorf birthday crown this year. He refused to wear it. But that's okay....maybe next year, huh? I made it out of two wool sweaters that I felted and sewed together. Each year I will add a new themed logo to his hat. More on this to come.....
  • We are again so extremely thankful to all of our awesome friends who came to celebrate Nathan with us!
  • Nathan, we love you. You are such a delight and joy to us in every way. Daddy and I just love watching you grow and learn, and we are so excited to celebrate another year with you! Always remember you are made by God. That you are loved. That you are special. That you are our little man, and always will be! 
Happy 2nd Birthday, Nathan!


  1. Joy,
    You know how to throw a party!!! You amaze me! Your house was filled with fun, laughter, amazement and alot of yummy food! Your set-up of the party was incredible, all of our kids were so blessed to be at Nathan's party!

    Love ya friend!

    1. Thank you, Johanna! We were so excited and blessed to have your family over! We are also thrilled you and your kids all had a wonderful time! Thank you so much for coming to celebrate with us!!!

  2. I LOVE him so much!!!! Happy Birthday to an amzaing little boy!!! Wonderful party!!!!

    1. You are such an awesome Aunt!!! Nathan is so blessed to have you in his life (and I certainly am too!!!), and to have you so close by! To have others in his life that love him as much as we do is truly priceless!