October 20, 2013

Disney's Princess Anna Pattern Preview

Had an AMAZING and totally fun photo shoot today with two adorable little girls! They are debuting my new, soon to be released Princess Anna sewing pattern. Princess Anna comes to us from the Disney movie, FROZEN, due to be released November 26, 2013. Watch the trailer HERE. Looks real cute and holds great promise. A friend suggested I design an Anna costume, after completing Sofia. It's been a fun (and quick) journey, and I'm so thankful she encouraged me to do it! 

Introducing Princess Anna.... a.k.a. Princesses Lillie and Devyn! They are such cuties! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with these precious little ladies today! 
And aren't they lovely models??!!!!! Lillie is 2 (with a 3rd birthday so close), and Devyn is 6. 
Lillie is modeling my size 2/3, and Devyn my size 6/7, that will be available. The pattern includes 4 sizes in total: 18-24mo, 2/3T, 4/5, and 6/7...  BUY MY PATTERN HERE!
Love this one. Melts my heart. The released pattern (in November) will have 5 pattern options to make for your little "Anna": an elastic back/flat front skirt, stretch vest, two under shirt options (one for cotton and one for knits), a cape, and hat....And stencil patterns for the skirt, vest...and maybe the shirt sleeve too.

Here are all 5 items up a little closer:




Here's the outfit you can create...and best of all, this pattern is geared towards the beginner sewer. Well, not so much the "I've never touched a sewing machine" type of beginner, but the beginner who has sewn simpler items like basic curtains, a shoulder/library bag, some basic kid clothes, or dabbled with mainline patterns (Simplicity/McCalls, etc)... 

And even more...you get to chose what you make on this outfit...they are all separates! Perhaps your little girl already has a knit shirt, or a vest, and so you'll just need to accent her with the cape and skirt. Purchase your pattern copy HERE.
The above stencil will be provided with the pattern for the vest and skirt. Options offered for you to apply the stencil will include hand appliqué, machine appliqué, puffy paint, fabric paint with stencil film, or iron-on transfer (only some techniques will be reviewed). Devyn's vest (above) was hand appliquéd, while I used puffy paint on Lillie's. Both of their skirts were stenciled using cut out stencil film and Tulip brand fabric paint. 
 A huge thank you to Ben, Devyn's Dad, and Arren and Chris, Lillie's Mom and Dad for letting me photo your adorable little girls! They are extraordinary parents who I really admire and are so blessed to know. Without your  kids, I would have no pattern at all. Thank you for letting me turn them, in costume, to the princesses they already are every day!
How pictures really go...couldn't resist getting in there with Devyn and her reflection on this one! So cute! She looks so happy...well, having a great time that is!!! 
What a fun time! And so much MORE Princess Anna stuff to come! Be sure to keep watching! 
And thank you for always reading!
Buy your princess Anna PDF pattern today, on my Etsy site! Stay tuned for Elsa! I'm working on a pattern now for Elsa's ice dress! 


  1. This is incredible, I wish I could buy your pattern!!

  2. Wow! You are so talented! I love how you brought the animation to life.

  3. Joy I have tried to buy the anna cape & hat pattern on Etsy, but my computer is a dinosaur and is not equipped with the right explorer program to allow me to even put it in the cart. I tried to do the upgrade with no success. Is there another way to order the pattern? I was hoping to download ASAP because my granddaughter is anxious for her cape:)....thank you for any help. Terry in Idaho.

    1. I'm so sorry for the delay, as I just saw your message today, on the 25th. Without further adu, I would certainly be able to just email the pattern to you straightforward, without going through my Etsy site. Please message me privately at jahoover316@yahoo.com, and we can discuss the details. Thanks!!!

  4. Joy, what great costumes!! You are so talented! I met you a couple weeks ago at the mall play area when I was posing as an Anna look alike with my braided hair. :) I checked out your blog that very day and was about to post a comment then, when I got a call that we were receiving two foster daughters that night, so things got a little crazy! But, out of the whirlwind of activity, I now have two little girls to buy costumes and sew for (for the short term anyway!), so I'll be sure to follow your posts closely! And my husband took them to see Frozen that very weekend, and he confirmed, I can pull off Princess Anna if I keep my hair braided!! :) Blessings on your work!

    1. yes, Megan! I assuredly remember you! I'm so excited for you and your family about your foster little girls! Time to dust off the sewing machine again, I guess, because I'll be sending the Anna pattern your way! You do look so much like her! It's really amazing!!! So nice to meet you and your little guy at the mall that day!

  5. I am very interested in getting hold of your pattern for the Elsa dress. How do I do that.

    1. Thanks for your interest! My Elsa pattern will be released in early to mid March. Glad you are looking forward to it! It will include Elsa's Ice Dress, Coronation outfit with Cape and an Everyday version.

    2. So how's the Elsa pattern coming? I am ready to get both as I too have two devoted little fans.