November 16, 2013

Natural Comparison

I know I have been blogging absent for awhile. An understandable absence most certainly, right? There have been nearly three weeks of non-stop cuddling around here since he's come....and well, we're just soaking it up....and nothing much else. Steven took off work for 2 1/2 weeks and I'm so grateful. He's done all his jobs and mine around the house, really taken care of me (post-2nd c-section), and been Mr. Wonderful to our two boys! So much help and delicious meals have been coming our way, and so much support from family, friends, and our church family. We really have been so blessed indeed!
With all the cuddling going on around here, the work being continued on my Anna pattern, and packing for a move next week (oh my, yes!), we've been thinking about how natural it is to make comparisons. Well, we all tend to compare our children, right? So, since James has been born (just about 3 weeks ago now), we have been saying "do you think he looks like Nathan did"? We think so one day, and not the next. So, I thought I'd pull up some old photos and compare our boys myself. So, what do you think?

...and then with Mommy and Daddy....

...and then with my family....

...and with my Grandparents....

...and with brothers together.... (Nathan 2 3/4 yrs old, James 3 weeks old)
Nathan sometimes has asked to "hold brothers"...and I oblige. I love the small moments where he has acknowledged his new, little brother, welcomed him to the family, and gently rubbed his little head. This Mommy is grateful for seeing, being a part of, and photoing these special moments. They will always be close to my heart...and will probably make me cry over and over again. We love our two little men! We are so thankful to the Lord for bringing them into our lives and giving us all that He has. We are blessed beyond measure, our cup overflows.

November 1, 2013

Meet All The Princesses....and One Prince

As my Princess Anna Costume Pattern is nearing completion, I would like to introduce you to my four Princesses! 
***Princess Anna costume is now ready for purchase!!!***

My pattern is available in four cross-over sizes, as shown above. 

 My friend from high school has two precious and adorable little girls who were willing to show-off two sizes of pattern design that I created. Such a joy to spent time with these girls! My friend said that her oldest daughter even wore her costume all day! I so appreciate her willingness to let me spoil her girls a little bit! They will now be all set for the movie premier in late November!

Let's see closer versions of all my beautiful princess testers:

 And our newest little Prince... 
James Thomas Hoover was born this past Sunday to us, weighing 7lbs 7oz, 20 1/2" long, and very healthy. We are so thankful for the precious miracle that God has blessed us with! Many more baby pics to come no doubt!

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