December 14, 2013

A Little Like Christmas

We have been in our new home now about 3 1/2 weeks. We just love adore being here. It has been an additional treasure to move some boxes out of the way and make room for a few, simple Christmas decorations this year. With a newborn and a new house, I am reaching for the simple this year. So simple, in fact, that I have hardly done much at all. Steven has done most of the Christmas preparations this year in our new home, while I have attended to the gift shopping online from the comfort of home.

Because of Steven, our house looks so festive:

He and Nathan are keeping up our third year advent calendar tradition that Steven designed and built:

We took a day to go look at our favorite Christmas train display as a family:

And doing a random craft here and there.... This coffee filter garland off Pinterest Nathan 
helped me make:

And even doing a few Christmas crafts out of the house (at the hardware store):

This year we've slowed down. Buying mostly, and not creating much. A different change of what we normally do each year, that has been interestingly refreshing. These days I'm just playing with and snuggling my two precious little men that I am oh, so thankful for this Christmas season (and my wonderful husband)! 

Hope your family is also so blessed as you prepare for this Christmas season!
Merry Christmas...preparations!

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