February 20, 2014

A Very FROZEN Birthday!

My niece, Lillya, just turned 6 years old! How excited she was to have a FROZEN themed out birthday party this year! Who is not in love with that movie??!!!! Fortunately, Lillya has an amazing and talented Mom who can execute any craft and party theme AMAZINGLY! I think, for my sister and I, crafts just run deep in our blood. I thank my wonderful sister for letting me showcase her designs, her beautiful daughter, and her great pictures on my blog!

Lilly is wearing (above) my soon-to-be released Elsa Ice Dress (PDF Pattern available NOW). The pattern will include the Ice Dress, Coronation Dress with cape and stencils, and an everyday cotton Elsa ice dress version. Be sure to like Joy2Sew on Facebook to stay updated on the latest, and keep an eye on my SHOP too! 

The fabulous cake design was executed by Baking Frenzy Bake Shop. Beautiful on the outside and so delicious on the inside! Great job, Julie! 

I love the beautiful tablescape & decor
Love the hanging ice snowflakes from the ceiling, as well as the strung beads! So pretty! 
The centerpiece was made with a plain vase, accented with snow spray. Inside held tree branches, ornaments, and pine cones that were also accented with snow spray and/or white spray paint. The fake snow on the tables was from a Christmas Clearance Sale. Made a perfect centerpiece! 

She wrapped the water bottles with images from online, and even made adorable Olaf snacks off of Pinterest... Yum! How can you go wrong with a carrot and a donut together, "It just makes sense"!
These paper straws are so cute! You can pick some up at your local craft store or JoAnn Fabrics. FREE printable straw labels HERE!

The white bottle caps were ordered off of Amazon, Anna and Elsa images printed off online, and Dimensional Mod Podge to make them look three dimensional and glossy. The girls loved them! 
The treat boxes were made with treat boxes my sister found in an after Christmas clearance sale. She added FREE Frozen labels from HERE. I love how each candy kiss has a picture on it! Arendelle picture printed from HERE. The detail she puts into making everything special is just awesome! 

Love the colors of card stock that form this Happy Birthday banner on her fireplace. Some Christmas Decorations and buffalo snow help to light up the Frozen theme on the mantle. And that amazing painting on display above is by my talented brother-in-law Pete Frederick. See more of his fine art HERE for sale
The ICY punch was delicious, and I definitely sampled that blue jello with cool whip! My nephews mixed the two and made an even more amazing concoction! 
Amy used my Elsa Coronation Crown Printable Pattern as the craft for the party. She printed out the PDF, cut the design out of craft foam, and then hot glued small hair clips on each end before the party. During the party, all the girls had to do was color in their Elsa crown with glitter glue! She said it was so fun for the girls, and so easy to do! Download yours today!

I just love how they turned out! My sister did an incredible job on the party, and Lillya had a wonderful time! And a very magical and frozen party! We hope you'll try some of these awesome FROZEN party ideas for your little girl as well!

And don't miss out on your opportunity to sew your Princess a movie look alike costume from my PDF Pattern for Anna and Elsa!!!

February 18, 2014

Turning 6: A sewing journey with my niece.

Today, my sweet niece turns 6 years old. Wow! Where has the time gone already! Because we lived out of state for a few years, I missed some of the adorableness of being around for her baby years. We moved back since she was two and got to really enjoy her even further since! She is such a sweet, sweet girl, so full of life and wonderful stories, and joy. I love playing with her, as there's no guess work as to what to say when role playing: she gives you all the dialogue. I so wish I had her imagination! What a true joy to have her as my niece and get to spend time with her! Here are some pictures over the years of my sewing journey with her:

 Lilly, age 2: Shirt Dress

A few more homemade's for the girl....

Hat and Mittens

Lilly, Age 4: Patchwork Dress

In her fifth year, we started the Princess Dress Revolution: 
                                                Lilly, age 5: Prom to Princess Dress
Lilly, age 5: Sofia the First (PDF Pattern)

Lilly, age 5: Elsa Ice Dress (PDF Pattern Coming in March!)

Lilly, age 6: Princess Anna (PDF Pattern for purchase)

I love you, my sweet, girl! I just adore sewing for you! I don't think I'll ever get tired of creating for you! Happy sweet 6 today!!!! 

February 16, 2014

Make A Snow Icee

Well, what in the world is all that snow out there good for anyways? I've heard it's beneficial for the land, but for most of the country (minus Florida and California), I'm sure we have had our fill. So, what better to do than to enjoy it a bit while it's still around! 

Make your own SNOW ICEE! 
Gather some fresh snow from outside (need I really mention to not chose yellow snow, or dirty with fallen leaves???)....just choose the top, fresh stuff. We brought in about a gallon container full. 

 Then go ahead and have your toddler sample it for you  :), just to make sure it will work. 
 First we tried adding lemon lime soda. Nathan liked it, but we were looking for a little more...
 A blue, razzing' raspberry flavored snow drink emerged and was delicious! If you are looking for something "natural", this won't be it. Steven made a concentrated version of blue kool-aid to add to our snow. It was delicious. 

Add one packet of kool-aid, and 1 cup sugar to (only) one quart of cold water. Stir well. Add over snow, put in a cool straw, and enjoy!

Don't be afraid...go get yourself some snow! Try our blend, then maybe even pour over some Cola, or Grenadine...just be creative! Yum is waiting for you! 

February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day 2014!

Every year for the past three, my Mom and I have thrown a Valentine's Day party for the kids (her grandkids..a.k.a..Amy's and my kiddos). This year we had it at my Mom's house. She put me in charge of crafts (no surprise there, right?!!!). I love doing art with the kids, even if it's a quick project here or there. I thought this paper plate craft would be fun and easy for the littles to do when I saw it on danamadeit. It ended up being so perfect and so much fun!
I quickly drew up some plates:
And let the kids add the glue and the pom poms....

The bigger kids made "stained glass" hearts. They laid a heart shaped piece of card stock on contact paper. Then they laid cut pieces of tissue paper within the heart. Next they covered the top with another piece of contact paper, sealing it together before cutting it out. 
When they hung them in the window....so beautiful and so easy for these big 
nephews of mine to  do! 

Then most of the kids "painted" hearts with toilet paper rolls.. What kid doesn't just love painting?!!!! This idea was off of Pinterest

After craft time, my Mom played a few games with the kids. Who could stack the most sweethearts as a tower without it falling??? Ben, with 10 high!!! Then, they all played "hot potato" with a box of candy. When the song stopped, whoever was holding the candy box got to eat one! Yum, yum!
 And we ended the party with the oldest cousin reading a delightful book! Thank you, Peter!
And at home the day before Nathan made some simple Valentines. When he was done, he listed off for me who should get each one. I love this kid! 

Happy post-Valentine's Day everyone! Hope the day was fun and special for all! And thank you, Micah, for joining in our cousin fun! You are a wonderful addition and blessing to our family!

See what kind of fun we had last year!