March 24, 2014

Waldorf Inspired Clothesline for Kids

Waldorf is a type of education that is characterized by creative, hands-on, expressive, and practical types of play. Since having kids, I have enjoyed the influence that the Waldorf way has brought to our teaching and playtime. Wooden blocks, Natural Play Forts, and soon to come silk play scarves, all provide such dynamic and fun ways to learn and play. The idea I had for this clothesline stemmed from this type of play we do(and my 3yr old son loving small things)!
I cut little pants and shirts from my scrap fabric stash. 
The mini clothespins were from JoAnn Fabrics. 
I built this wooden clothesline structure from two pieces of wood from Hobby Lobby:

--1 piece of 36"x2"x1/4" piece of Basswood cut into 3, 12" segments (with a hacksaw). (I used 1 segment)
  --1 piece of 1/4"x1/4"x36" piece of Basswood cut into 5, 7" segments. (I used 2 segments)
--I drilled holes in each end of the flat piece, sanded the ends of the 1/4" poles, applied wood glue in the holes, and allowed the clothesline poles to dry overnight.
-- I inserted twine through two small holes I previously drilled (1/8" drill bit) through the top of each pole and tied them pretty taught. 
--Then I painted the poles brown and painted faux grass on the base.
I painted a 99cent decoupage box from Hobby Lobby/JoAnn Fabrics, and added twine handles. I personalized the lid for the birthday boy (Nathan got one too!), and added extra clothes. I hot glued the wash line box to the wooden base. 

I used a large paper clip to form the wash line hanger, and made a clothespin bag with a rectangle piece of felt, whipstitched with purl cotton, and hung with a grommet. 

I cut some whimsical outfits to go on the wash line (just free handed it)!

And also made some scenery to go around the wash line....
I painted purchased wooden spools from JoAnn Fabrics, and filled the Craftwood pots with "lemons" (beads). The silver bucket and wooden wheelbarrow were Mayberry Street items from Hobby Lobby. The ladybugs were LaMode buttons (I snapped the "button part" off the back with some pliers). 

I made the trees out of two layers of green felt, sewed around the edges and stuffed with a bit of fiberfill, before hot gluing into the wooden spools. The apples (cut free hand out of felt) just stick on the tree by themselves because felt on felt is awesome like that! 

And some lemons to make lemonade with.....

It was Mauricio's 3rd birthday, so by special request, I made him an acoustic guitar to add to his Waldorf Crown to celebrate his special day (Nathan has one too)! These guitar strings really pluck too, thanks to the  invisible thread that I used!

Happy 3rd Birthday Mauricio! You are such a special and amazing kid! Nathan is so thankful for your friendship, and I am thankful for his Mommy's friendship! We love you!
Enjoy your clothesline!!! 

Baby Duo

I do have a baby duo in my house with my toddler and 4 1/2mo old...they are getting so big so fast! But, today's post is actually about a recent baby shower some friends of mine and I threw for two expectant mother's in our awesome Mom's group at church. Echo just had her baby girl a few days ago, and Stefanie is due in June! We are excited to have these new little ones around, and it so exciting to celebrate their coming!  

The expectant Mommies....
(those awesome elephant, love, and alphabet prints above available HERE)!

Johanna, Hannah and I decorated:

(Free pattern/tutorial for these "diaper cake" fabric bags coming soon on Joy2Sew!)

And we made and hung some fabric bunting:

We enjoyed quite the spread of food everyone brought:

We all got quite a laugh playing some silly, but fun games:
(we were racing to drink liquid out of baby bottles!!!)

And the girls opened some pretty awesome gifts!

What a fun day being with friends, celebrating soon to come little ones (one's already here!!!), and just being with a group of Mom's who love the Lord and are so supportive! Priceless friendships! 

Welcome Baby Ian and Baby Ayla!

March 19, 2014

Elsa In Testing.

4.14.14 Update: Elsa Pattern now available in my Joy2Sew Etsy shop and on Craftsy!!!!

I'm sure you are dying for a new blog post, same as I. So much going on here at the dress factory....I mean my studio. With yesterday's official movie release of FROZEN on DVD, it seems even more important that I share my current progress with you on my Elsa pattern. I am happy to announce that it is currently in it's testing phase by some incredibly talented seamstresses, who are yielding me valuable advice, concrete testing, gorgeous dresses, and fine tuning my directions and pattern pieces...just to make sure they are as perfect as they can be FOR YOU! This, by far, is one of the most important steps of pattern making (in my opinion). Just because I make pattern pieces and directions that I understand, doesn't mean that the next person will understand them just as I do. These ladies have been invaluable to me! So, more on them.....

NICOLE:  ....from Once Upon a Princess made up two incredible Elsa Ice Dresses for her adorable daughters, Bella and Clara Mae! I was so excited that she joined my tester team after seeing what beautiful and skillful work she produced for Made for Mermaids, and now her own line of fantastic, pretty, and easy to wear Princess Dresses. Check out her Facebook page and put in your order today!

Nicole's Dresses: For Bella's 2/3 sizing she used confetti dot performance wear for bodice, a brocade skirt, sheer mesh upper bodice and sleeves. She placed buttonholes and fancy buttons at the upper back bodice (in lieu of a velcro closure), and lined her sheer snowflake train with silver bias tape! Brilliant! I also love how she used my skirt pattern to make two train pieces (instead of one cut length of fabric)! Nicole also trimmed the lower bodice with silver trim, accenting the waistline. For Clara Mae's 18-24mo size, she used a stretch knit for the entire dress, and the same sheer mesh for the upper bodice and snowflake organza (available at some JoAnn Fabrics) for the train. She doubled the upper bodice as in my directions and serged the seams, giving it more sturdiness and a finished look. 


MARCI: ...joined me on this project and I couldn't be happier! She has provided priceless and practical feedback and made her daughter, Olivia, one popular little girl around town! She literally whipped this dress up in no time, and even made an additional one to bless her friend with as well! 

Marci's Dresses: Marci made the 4/5 sizing for Olivia. She used satin for the skirt, confetti dot performance knit for the bodice vest, and shiny power mesh for the upper bodice and sleeves. For one of her dresses (pictured to the far right), she made the detachable train (attached and detachable train available in this pattern) with sheer organza. Please notice the incredible detail she placed in hand designing and applying those delicate silver snowflakes on the train....WOW!! Simply amazing! 


MANDY: from SonBel has been with me since my first pattern of Sofia the First. She has become a great friend and such a support on my now third, big pattern release. I'm so pleased to have her sewing along with me and enjoy seeing her adorable little girls! 
Mandy's dress: used jersey knit for the upper bodice and sleeves, a performance wear knit for the lower front bodice, and a soft, lightweight velvet for the skirt. She made the outfit separates, with a detachable train in back, and a velcro closure. 

CYNTHIA: from Puddin' Pies created this gorgeous dress for her daughter! It's stunning! I'm very thankful that Cynthia has joined my team and provided good feedback as well on the pattern.  Her shop is filled with adorable items for your little girl to wear! Check it out today!
Cynthia's dress: used satin for the skirt, confetti dot for the bodice, and knit for the upper bodice. I love the long and flowing sheer netted, detachable train she made too! Beautiful!


JOY: Yeah, me. I had to add in a photo pool of Elsa's I've been creating as well for my beautiful little models! A whole lot of work goes into something like this, so I greatly adore your excitement for this coming pattern, and your patience with me in needing to take the extra time to 
get it just right for you! 

 This was just the Elsa Ice Dress Portion of the Pattern to boot! Elsa's Coronation Dress and Cape is also a part of this pattern duo as well! So, be sure to stay tuned into Joy2Sew on Facebook for all my news, and Pin it, Tweet it, Google + get where I'm going! 

Coronation Is Here!!!!

Purchase your Elsa PDF Pattern today!!!! I will save you thousands of dollars NOT bidding for a sold out dress on Ebay! Sew one up today, or ask one of my amazing tester seamstresses 
(referenced above) to make one for you!

March 2, 2014

Elsa Coronation Pre-Preview

UPDATE! As of 4.11.2014 You can purchase your very own 
Elsa Coronation Dress + Cape in my Etsy store and my Craftsy store!

Oh my goodness! I've wanted to share other posts with you this past week, but time has eluded me. If you've been following me on Joy2Sew Facebook you've been directly eyeing all that has been coming into my hands and out of my studio this past week. Wow! But, to keep you excited still, I am going to show you some pictures of my Elsa Coronation Dress...just a few teaser photos of my gorgeous niece in it the other day. The outfit is still awaiting stencils, and a few finishing touches, but you get the idea of what's coming, right?!!

 Presenting: Elsa's Coronation outfit (preliminary photo shoot). The satin is actually turquoise, not blue at all, like the photos came out (hmm...dark lighting?). For my first Coronation dress, I decided to do two separate pieces: The top is all one (black + turquoise) and the skirt separate (the Anna skirt actually). So, if you already have purchased the Anna costume, you will also have the option to make this dress in separates like I did. The directions in this pattern will showcase how to make it all a one-piece (just like Elsa Ice Dress). Does that make sense?

So... pre-preview of real pictures:

 (black velcro will replace the safety pins here for closure)

(Please ignore the baby swing and the tricycle in the background...that's daily life around here... )
When I asked Lilly if I should shorten the cape for her before I let her have it, she said emphatically, 
"Oh, no, Aunt Joy. This one is longer than hers in the movie, and I must have it just like this." 
My reply: "But honey, your brothers will step on your train." 
Lilly: "I will only wear it on special occasions then." this little niece of mine! 

 And soon the snap and broach will get placed...
And the outfit stenciled...
don her homemade Elsa crown....
have new photos taken, and then.....
 she'll look just like Elsa!!!
I think I'm loving this outfit, even without the cape!
ooh...just a few more weeks...are you excited yet???

4.14.14 Update: Elsa Pattern is NOW AVAILABLE in my shop!!!!
You can also purchase a licensing agreement, giving you consent to sell handmade items from my pattern! How exciting of an opportunity to make an easy dress, bring business to your own shop, and have a VERY in demand product to sell! Princess Anna Pattern is also available as well, and so easy for beginner sewers to make!