April 11, 2014

Elsa Ice and Coronation Dress PDF Pattern Launch!

 Elsa PDF Pattern is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohooo!!!!!
Now available in my Etsy store and my Craftsy store!!!

 Here's a quick sneak peak to see what's inside and what to expect....

PREPARING: The sizing chart and the materials purchase list in easy, quick to read charts!

 Here are my high quality, detailed directions, with full pictures and step by step guidance. If you are a beginner sewer, I want you to have confidence that you can easily execute either one of these dresses for your Princess! 
                ............ice dress.............
 ...............coronation dress...................

And instructions on how to stencil the Coronation dress and Cape are included. I demonstrate how to use both freezer paper and stencil film methods to achieve a high quality result. All the stencil templates you will need are included with the pattern! 

And you will love the upgrade in the pattern pieces that we made for this Elsa pattern! Every pattern piece lines up with dots that you match up, laying one on top of the other. It's so easy!!! And with a 1"x1" box printed near the pattern pieces, you will be sure to know you have printed them out correctly and at just the precise size! Here is the bodice lined up, and the skirt once it is pieced and taped together. 

**We have also made these same updates on all the pattern pieces to our Anna pattern, and will be sharing that update with you soon!!

So, are you ready to sew your Princess an Elsa costume? I promise you she will not 
want to take it off! 

To purchase your Elsa Pattern head on over here....
Joy2Sew Etsy or Craftsy 
If you want to sell ready made dresses in your shop, using my pattern, please be sure to place a Seller's License (per the dress you want to sell) in your cart, as well as the pattern, at checkout. 

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  1. YEA!!!! Great job Joy!!! So excited we finally launched it. Thank you Lord!

    1. Me too, Johanna!!!! Thanks friend! We are such a great team, friend!!!!

  2. I really love what I see here! The details in your pattern are so nicely accurate, yet perfect for a little girl. I wish it had larger sizes, though! I've had a request for ths dress for a girl who is at least a size 8

    1. Thank you so much for your high compliments! We really enjoyed making it and seeing so many little girls happy! I now have the ice dress available in larger sizes of 8-12, and will be working on upsizing the Coronation dress too this summer.


  3. This dress is beautiful. When do you think you will have a size 10 pattern available for the Elsa coronation dress? I will definitely be buying it.

  4. Status Update: The Elsa Ice Dress is now available in the larger sizes of 8-12!! Just check my shop!!