August 3, 2014

My go-to bag.

My sister, Amy, has a July birthday. Each year I look forward to making her something. Last year it was a dress and some pretty awesome and fun-to-make bracelets. This year, she asked me for a clock.  I looked through her Pinterest board and only saw a few things that she pinned that I could/wanted to make. After considering the ideas more, I went in a different direction and made her a Go Anywhere Bag (pattern found HERE from Noodlehead). I made one for my friend Johanna last year, and just loved how it came out! I love Anna's PDF pattern, and so I thought my sister would like her bag too!
  I used red chevron duck canvas from Hobby Lobby for the main part, and some grey cotton for the outer pockets and straps. I lined it with a linen dress I up-cycled. 
And because I had to snap a few shots before I wrapped up her present...I'm in the pictures, 
instead of her this time. 

...and you know what???....My sister loved the bag...AND the clock! :) Yea!!
Happy birthday Amy!! 


  1. I do love it!!! I use it every day!!!!

  2. Awesome! You should post that pattern too! Love the color choices