October 28, 2014

Hans Frozen Preview

 Introducing my Hans costume from Frozen! I had so much fun designing and creating this costume especially for (and by special request) my 8 year old nephew, Henry. His sister, Lilly, has been my beautiful Elsa model for my Sofia pattern, and then my Elsa dresses. Now it was time (actually long past) for her handsome brother to join in on the Frozen fun! And I could not have been more pleased with the result, or the amazing joy and delight my nephew has been radiating with!! His excitement (and politely asking me for it for 4 months now) fueled my design and desire to sew it up!

 One of my favorite things to attempt, is to see a photo and create a tangible design that looks just like it that is wearable. I like the realism, and fortunately that is what the kids want to. They WANT the costume from the movie. They don't want one off the shelf that is only a "hint" of the idea of the idea of the character, they want all the real details too. 
So glad that someone captured a screen shot of the back of Han's tail coat here, so that I could see the design. Boy was that elaborate, but so fun to draw up! I used felt for the gray part, and hunter green fleece for the detail. I would have used felt for the green part too, except I didn't find it in the right color...so fleece it was (the color was so perfect!).
So, how did I make it? For the jacket, I started with a boys size 7/8 long sleeve t-shirt to get the body sizing/trunk part right. I drew long sleeves, added sleeve caplets which I made up, cut the tailored line to the front, and added tails on the back piece. All the black accent pieces are black felt (I bought a black bottom weight fabric to use instead, but time was not on my side to do all that finishing work...so felt it was). I took a short cut on the undershirt and used a royal blue dress shirt from Walmart, and made a corduroy vest to go over top of it. The burgundy cravat was just 1/3 yard crushed panne, tied in a square knot. The pants I cut free hand from a boys cargo pair I had bought on clearance at Target last year. I used a strip of blue broadcloth to add the stripe to the sides. I made the pants with a flat front and gathered back waistband, similarly to the pant I made my son HERE, and added two gold shank buttons to the front.

And now...almost the whole Frozen crew is here in my pattern designs!! We had a fun, quick photo shoot before the kids headed to the Frozen themed out party. You can find.. 
and Hans?...well, no pattern for him. The only way I know you want my design here to be a pattern is if you beat down my inbox with requests, so drop me a line if you'd like at jahoover316@yahoo.com. 

And some cameos with the "real deal". I hope cosplay costume patterns are in my future! Oh the fun! Just look at how that Anna vest stencil matches mine? Maybe she used our stencil templates for her vest and cape???!!! We may never know, but they all looked pretty sharp!

Yea!!! So much fun!! Are you ready to get your ANNA, ELSA, or OLAF pattern today?!!!
All our patterns at Joy2Sew are made for advanced beginner sewers. If you have any doubt just check out my shop reviews and see for yourself. All of you using my patterns have absolutely blown me away with the gorgeous dresses and Olafs that you have been creating! You are making true-to-movie costumes that are not only beautiful, but that will stand the test of repeated play, dancing, and singing venues of "Let it Go". 

Keep sending those pictures to me and posting on my Facebook page of all your amazing work!! YOU are why I love doing what I do. YOU making costumes for your kids that they just 
love brings me so much joy! Keep it coming, and thank you for choosing Joy2Sew!

October 9, 2014

Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Sofia Pattern Giveaway!!!

At Joy2Sew we are so excited to be hosting our first Halloween Giveaway, and it is a BIG one! It runs for 7 days from today, October 9 through the 16th (at midnight). One winner will receive all of the items listed below.

You can win:
Five JOY2SEW PDF Digital Patterns... 
- Olaf Costume Pattern
- Elsa Ice Pattern 
- Elsa Coronation Pattern
 - Anna Pattern 
- Sofia Pattern 
PLUS a $20 JoAnns Gift Card


You have various options on how to ecru more points for the giveaway! You can share this giveaway with your friends via email, Facebook, Pin on Pinterest and Tweet on Twitter to raise as many points as you can. The more you share, the more points you will get toward your win!

When you comment on this blog post to answer the questions, you can register as anonymous, but then please add you first name and e-mail address, so that we can contact you if you are a winner! 

Thank you for participating!

October 4, 2014

OLAF Pattern Release!!!

Exciting news!!! Our OLAF pattern has just released in our Etsy and Craftsy shops for purchase, and just in time to whip some up for Halloween!! 

The pattern features 6 crossover sizes: 12-18mo, 18-24mo, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 and 10/12

With the pattern you can make the head/hat and the body, with either a zipper or velcro back closure (both full instructions included):

Easy to read, step by step directions included: 
....with even a clear table of contents to help you easily navigate the choices.

 Preview of what our professional and easy to print 

Pattern Pieces look like:

(for pattern pieces that require more than one page, you will just overlap the blue dots provided and tape it together, creating full-sized pattern pieces)

And here is what you'll need to get started:

And a showcase of what your finished OLAF costume will look like:
(A huge thank you to my wonderful testers for their amazing work!)

With this new Olaf pattern, you'll be ready to make your own wonderful Frozen line up with all of our wonderful and very popular Frozen Inspired Costume patterns!
 Elsa Ice Dress and Olaf made by the talented Angel Tirrell-Voss for her adorable kiddos 
using two of my patterns! LOVE seeing them together!!

Get your copy today and look just like Olaf!!! 

now available on Joy2Sew Etsy or Craftsy

October 3, 2014

My wonderful Olaf Testers!! Week 1 Testing.

This past week I had the priviledge of having a team of wonderful seamstresses make amazing Olafs with my new, soon-to-be-released pattern (on Saturday!!!)! They did an amazing job, and I can't wait to show off their versions and adorable children in them!!!! Let me just show off some of the amazing Olaf pictures that they sent me...

In order of size.....12months through 12 years

 Oh, my goodness!!  Could Olaf get any cuter with that face?!! Carol made her son the 12-18mo size Olaf (and small hat), and his little face says it all! You would never know it was pretty hot out that day, as he is just loving that costume! She said it was so comfortable and easy to get it on and off, even for an on-the-go kid! Such a delight to work with Carol! 

 Aww!!! I know, right?? So adorable!!! I just have the best testers with the cutest kids!! Rebecca from First Steps Boutique also made her son the 12-18mo size as well, and he is wearing it well!

Hollie from Kremer's Kustoms Etsy shop did a wonderful job on her daughter's 18-24mo sized Olaf! She said it was easy to get it on and off and her daughter enjoyed being in it. Hollie has been a joy to know and work with. She even made that beautiful Anna Coronation dress from my good friend, Marci's pattern. Love the two together from the movie!!
Leah started sewing a few years ago, and has such a natural talent for it! She has done such a professional job executing every pattern she makes. It's been a pleasure to have her join me through my Anna, Elsa Coronation and now Olaf! She made the 3/4 (and medium hat), and it was a good fit on both her daughter and son! She says it is very versatile costume, and she likes that it can grow with your child. 
Jane made a fantastic size 3/4 and medium hat for her cute little girl! I love that she's not only looking so cute, but dancing in it already! I love that a little girl can wear her hair up or down inside the hat and it still fit and be comfortable. She's wearing the outfit really well with a black long sleeved shirt and leggings...a perfect choice! 
Carol also made her older son the size 5/6 and medium hat. She made a wonderful example of what the body will look like without a lining, or being stuffed with fiberfill. Her son does not care to be too warm (neither do I!), so she used the choice to omit the stuffing and cotton lining. I love how the whole costume looks just as fabulous either way! What a great fit!! 
Samantha joined my sewing team on my Elsa Ice Leotard pattern this summer, and she is such a great new friend now! Not only is Samantha a great sewer, but she has two adorable girls and lives in Australia! Having her input and international perspective on the pattern has been so valuable in allowing this pattern to be understood by all across the globe. Sarah is wearing the 7/8 body and large hat....and definitely not minding the spring heat! 
I'm so glad Kimberly joined me in this testing round. I first met her when she blew me away with the cool iron-on Anna transfers she made with my digital stencils for her Anna dress back in February. She is quite the artist and sewer! She made the 7/8 size, large hat. Great fit and so true to the movie!!! Great sewing, Kimberly! 

You can see that the hat has an easy closure system at the bottom, either using velcro (in pattern directions) or a snap (just an idea instead). Your kids will be happy and warm all winter
 long in their Olaf hat! 

Lore from Five Blessings Boutique made the size 10/12 with large hat. As a new sewing friend on Facebook, I'm so thankful to have her sewing for me! She has some amazing clothing available for little kids and even takes custom orders! Check out her shop on Facebook!

...and I even have more to share with you!!! More awesome OLAF pictures to come! All my testers have blown me away with their OLAF costumes! I am so honored to have each of you on my sewing team! You are what allows me to have patterns that everyone loves.
And wow, do we put my patterns to the test!

ONLY 2 days left until the pattern release!!!! Are you excited?!!!!