December 1, 2014

Twain and Lewis

I was invited recently, by my friend, Nikki, to participate in a little project for her newly released site just for book readers! I had the privilege of working with her at Barnes and Noble a while back (she was my awesome Supervisor), and now she just launched a site you will just LOVE! It is called

           Ampersand Book World

Ampersand book world is a family friendly site, catering to all the fun aspects of what READERS, like you, absolutely love! There is a... book of the month, author of the month, and even a shop! 

As Nikki says from her Etsy shop, "Have you ever wanted to book a trip to Jack London's old haunts or maybe stay at Beatrix Potter's house? Do you want to know what book to get Grandpa for Christmas or are you looking for other bookworms to socialize with?" Then A Book World is just the place for you! 

Nikki gave a call to me for little ones five and under (mine are 1 and 3), who could show their love for the written word. My boys love me reading to them, and so I was so excited to jump on board! I considered some of my favorite classic authors and picked a few of my favs. 

I grew up reading C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia series, and the Screwtape Letters. The passion and creativity he wrote with captivated me and drew me into his books, especially with the Godly themes present in his work (such as Aslan in The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe). I made James into C.S. Lewis by making him a Sunday Best bow tie from Crab.Apple.Attic, donning his dinner jacket given by my friend, Johanna, and making him a pair of round spectacles out of pipe cleaners and black electrical tape. We had so much fun (even though he wouldn't wear the spectacles)! Ya know, they kinda do look alike, too. 

Mark Twain has also been another beloved author, for his adventurous writings of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer. His look in old age reminds me of Albert Einstein. I wanted so badly to make Nathan a full white fur hair cover, but due to time I just made a turned down mustache. He looked great though, and modeled the part well. I love to seeing his passion and desire for me to read to him every day. 

So much fun to have close friends who have a passion to read and to inspire that same passion in others! Thank you, Nikki, for letting me participate in the fun! Be sure to check out 
and let your love for reading grow even more! 


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    1. I love that, Amy!! I love to get a laugh, a smile, and bring joy through my kids : )! Makes my heart glad too!