Well....ABOUT ME...and my better half:

We are from Ohio, then Florida, then back to Ohio. We couldn't get my family to move after all : )! I am 34 years old and am finally venturing out into doing something I've always wanted to do: craft and sew, and paint, and share them with the world! This is part of my dream! And then the other part was to sell my home-made stuff... So, right now I'm in the process of building my etsy store...the other "dream" part.

I have been married to an incredible man for 9 years who is just as good at crafts as me! We are going to make it our Etsy store, I think anyways, and share with you both of our lovely goods! More to come on that soon perhaps.... 
My beloved, Steven, and I met about 13 years ago working at the same hospital in the operating room department. We fell in love during our daily visits to the hospital coffee shop! And I have loved him more each day ever since! He is a strong man who has served in Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and came back recently from Operation Enduring Freedom. He has given MANY years of service to this country. He also became a commercial pilot 7 years ago, and I'm so proud of him! He shares the same passion for crafts as I do...but he is a master craftsman at LEATHER goods and PAPER craft...and yes, he can sew really well too! We couldn't be more perfect for each other!

I have been sewing since I was about 9 years old. My first project was a doll quilt blanket I made while sitting on my mom's lap in order to reach the machine pedal. In Jr-high I made stuffed animals and sold them to my friends at school. Then, from 7th grade on, I also started sewing my own clothes. I made all sorts of things from shirts to skirts, to pillows, to prom dresses, and then finally to my wedding gown. I am so curious about how things are put together, and I often find myself "reverse engineering" clothes I see sold in stores, in order to re-make my own. I paint as well and enjoy releasing that creative avenue that God has put in me!

We have a wonderful, 2 year old son, Nathan, who is such a delight to us every day! We are so amazed at the rate at which he learns! We thank the Lord so much for bringing him into our lives! If you follow my blog, I'm sure you'll get to see him grow up along with us! We were just blessed with a second son, James Thomas on October 27 (2013)! We are very excited to see our family growing!

I may be all over the place with my interests, my craft ideas....the posts may be a lot all at once, or skip days or weeks in between. I'm just me. And I blog in my extra, "non-mommy" time. But, I promise that everything I craft or sew or paint, or just share, will be 100% just me (well, and hubs too)! So, thanks for reading and, I hope you stay along for the adventure!